Men in business play a significant role in northwest Louisiana, engaging in a wide array of industries and sectors that contribute to the region’s economic landscape.
I walked through the exhibition Critical Mass 12 at Artspace — crowded with about 110 works, thoughtfully arranged in a salon-style hang by Director Ann Marie Gerhardt – much as I had driven the wildflower-laden highways from Dallas that afternoon: a bit disconnected and without real focus, letting things signal to me from the wall as they would.
Guests gathered at the home of Emily and Scott Chafin to celebrate a special evening honoring Marshall Johnston, who is now a named member of the Gregorio, Chafin & Johnston Law Firm..
The thing about literature is that the writer does half the work. It’s like building a screen, and then a reader comes and projects on it. Or making a vessel, and then a reader fills it up.
The talk is all about calling for committees and commissions to be formed, for studies to be conducted, for more funding of social programs and for official government proclamations of “public health” emergencies because of the continued (and rising) unspeakable violence in one neighborhood after another.
The theme worked well to showcase QMajor’s range, his inspired, innovative playing and capacity for crossover. The ambient tracks were punctuated by hip-hop beats and riffs from QMajor on the violin, showcasing his excellent command of the instrument..
This year will see a shift toward natural lighting that highlights artful arrangements of texture, Grace Denniston from Kalco Lighting told Better Homes & Gardens. Fixtures will sport more organic materials, such as alabaster, jute, leather and wood, and sport neutral tones.


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