the list of things to do when planning a wedding, close to the top is where to go for the honeymoon. Naturally, there are many things to consider: how much you can spend, what you want to do, what you need to know — especially if you’ve never planned a honeymoon.
I would have been able to get support from people in the same situation. I would have had transportation back and forth if I needed it. I would have had Wi-Fi access to get work done for my job. It would have been a lifechanging experience if it was here.
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 made several sweeping changes to the tax code. However, many provisions were designed to be temporary and, thus, contained a “sunset,” or expiration date.
These were not new taxes for city residents. The oldest of these millages was enacted in 1941, the most recent in 1970. Because they were allowed to expire instead of being renewed, voters must approve them again when they are on the ballot on April 29.
“My main function is to oversee the operations and to make sure things run smoothly, within budget,” Robertson said. “I’ll work directly with Logan Lewis, our executive director, to develop strategies for the Revel and for all of our events.
The kidney is a vital organ in the body that cleans the blood of toxins we consume daily in our diet. Each kidney comprises over one million filters that work 24/7 to ensure the blood is free of all potentially harmful chemicals.
There almost wasn’t a second time. “I went the first time at the Y, and I said, ‘I will not be back,’” Spell remembered. “It wasn’t tennis. It wasn’t like tennis. It’s called a paddle in pickleball, and it’s called a racket in tennis. I kept saying, ‘My racket’s too short.
Now, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is a man who does not much concern himself with throwing out “red meat,” so to speak, to stir his more conservative constituents.
“We are pleased to have completed this acquisition and look forward to finalizing the plans for this project,” said Greg Guida, co-CEO of Foundation Gaming. “Now that we have completed the transaction, we will be focusing on the design and development process, which will include re-branding the property.
Proposed options are already being drawn up for the state of Louisiana’s “new” State Office Building at 500 Fannin Street. While conceptual only, the drawings show just how different a newly conceived structure will be from the old Joe D. Waggonner Federal Building.
trip to Corner Collection on Line and your summer outdoors will take on a stylish and comfortable air. They carry a large selection of outdoor furniture to make your pool more than just a place to get wet..
“I was inspired to write this because so many friends gave me grief books after my husband died and none answered my need,” Marze said. “They were about the stages of grief, which I could have cared less about, or they were books of faith that said we should be happy whatever state we are in.
I mean, folks are so busy focusing on how everything “appears” to others, whether it’s their career, their family, etc., that the substance of who they actually are, who they are choosing to be, how they actually live out their lives, etc. bears little resemblance to what it all “appears” to be.
Be aware of ever-increasing energy costs, checking them on a year-over-year basis per month. You should also be concerned if your repair costs have reached more than half the cost of a new unit. More dust around the home or poorer air quality are signals.
Don Tubbs, the owner of Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts, said they’re older than they look. “The Big Green Egg has been around for thousands and thousands of years. What the Asians cooked with way before we ever started keeping up with history. They were using these type cookers, and they are tried and true.
I just read your opinion piece in the Forum and am very impressed with it. You are absolutely correct about temperament and preparation and being able to execute. It is a shame such immature, selfish and self-serving people keep getting elected to public office.
[A] THEATER Enjoy the razzle-dazzle of the musical "Chicago" March 19 at the Strand Theater. [B] BARS/NIGHTLIFE Jo-El Sonnier performs March 18 at Shreve Station..
“If you look at some of the other states and where their growth comes from, it doesn’t come from who’s elected or occupies any seat in the capital at any given time,” he said. “It comes from communities filled with local business leaders who demand and drive change.
Do you have a favorite band you have always wanted to see live in concert? Mine is The Killers, and in 2017, I waited all day in line with my sister so we could have the perfect spot to see them. Although we reached the front row, we found ourselves directly in front of the speakers.
Arceneaux, the Shreveport City Council and administration officials continue to work through issues with a school zone traffic enforcement camera system. The system from Blue Line Solutions has generated a large number of complaints over the tickets issued by the automated system.
Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer and second leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society and the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable. Colorectal cancer is cancer of the large intestine, comprising the colon and rectum.
Hypnosis is one of several relaxation methods that was said to be helpful by an independent panel of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The panel found it may help treat chronic pain, alleviate anxiety, reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, and control bleeding and pain during dental procedures.
"I don't think Robinson Film Center would be there today without Michael T. Woodfork. He is the technical guy at the Robinson, and he has been the technical guy since a year before it opened its doors. He's the longest-run ning employee there. And if something goes wrong, Mike finds a way to keep the movies playing.
According to the center's website, in September 2002, a group of film buffs met to discuss creating an art film center, where movies made for artistic reasons rather than commercial profit would be screened. It's typically targeted at a limited audience and can be experimental, using highly symbolic or avant-garde motifs.
Amie Roberts is the director of development for VYJ. “The teams get there at 5 in the morning, and they start cooking the gumbo. By 11:30 is the first ‘turn in,’ where they turn their gumbo in to the judges. At noon the gates open to the public, and the public gets to come in and start sampling the gumbo.
knew when I sat down to have lunch with Joanne Sigler that I was in for quite an adventure – there would be lots of stories from the good old days, lots of laughter and lots of words I couldn’t put in print. We grabbed a table in the back of Biscotti’s and immediately started getting caught up.
On a lot of different people. In a lot of different places. “I’ve definitely been asked to do things that I’ve turned down,” Shore said. “I’m a pretty modest person. I have turned away things that just made me feel uncomfortable, or on people who have made me feel uncomfortable – as well as subject matter.
ince opening in 2018, CHRISTUS Bossier Emergency Hospital has seen solid growth in service to the Bossier community. The facility, located on Viking Drive, is a licensed hospital by the state that includes a full-service emergency room, short-stay inpatient beds, advanced diagnostic imaging and laboratory services.
There are too many of us, in communities across the state, who accept the notion that politics is the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary (if you consider it a profession, in the traditional sense, or is it public service by public servants – that is a different discussion altogether, though).
The mayor said they are also working with Kansas City Southern and Canadian Pacific on the project. Those two companies are scheduled to merge, and which one the cities ultimately work with will depend on the timing of that merger and the passenger rail project, Arceneaux added.
In 1918 the women’s organization of Shreveport rallied the entire community behind a campaign to establish, fund and build our own free public library. Their efforts came to fruition when the Shreve Memorial Library building was constructed on the corner of Edwards and Travis streets as a “gift to the present and future generations.
2015, David Bliss has been helping homeowners find the things they need to make their abode a home. His store, Louisiana Home Center, recently moved from its location in Bossier’s East Bank District to new digs just three blocks down Barksdale Boulevard.
With the latest evolution of surgical technology, Dr. George Byram, orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon at Highland Clinic, has been seeing incredible post-surgical results from the latest in personalized surgical mapping.
“Our biggest concern that has really been occupying my time is the rain event and worrying about Cross Lake,” Arceneaux said. “We dodged the major ice storm. That was very good news. It appears if we have flooding, it will be relatively minor flooding. We don’t think the lake is going to get to the level that’s going to be a tremendous threat.


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