The executive director of the Bossier Arts Council has an appropriate attitude about her calling in life. She says it’s her goal to “help the public connect to the arts and how it shows up in their lives. Art is all around us. It exists in so many different disciplines, and sometimes we forget that.
“I hope they get ideas they can take home and apply to their own yard,” said tour chairperson Karen Durham. “They can see some new plants they aren’t familiar with. Most of these houses have some really clever things they have done with their property. It just gives you ideas.
“Usually, we tie it to some type of cinematic theme,” explained Executive Director Wendell Riley, “because we are, obviously, a non-profit that deals with film. It’s a celebration of film. It’s a celebration of RFC. It’s a way for us to show our impact within the community.
Visit Shreveport Bossier hosted their annual banquet, the Excellence in Hospitality Awards,.
The amendment passed on a 4-2 vote in the council meeting. Would take five votes to override a veto. Council members Tabatha Taylor, James Green, Ursula Bowman and Gary Brooks voted in favor of the ordinance. Council members Grayson Boucher and Jim Taliaferro voted against it.
He has worked very hard for a number of years at the state fair, and I think he is looking for the next thing he is going to be focusing on,” Swaine said of Chris. “We hope his life is fabulous, and we’re very supportive of what his next chapter will be.
Consider when a spouse feels unheard in their marriage. When one partner constantly dismisses or ignores the concerns of the other, it creates a sense of isolation and frustration. Over time, this lack of communication erodes the foundation of trust and intimacy, leading to a breakdown in the relationship.
Sheila is a 78-year-old gardener, an avid reader and a retired high school teacher. She has three beautiful daughters and five adorable grandkids. Sheila was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years ago and has recently moved to a memory care center.
Few will argue that a strong shower is a great way to start the day. It invigorates you and gets you ready to hit the ground running. On the flip side, low shower pressure first thing in the morning may be quite disappointing. Much like low shower pressure, poor urination in men can be quite frustrating and significantly impact their quality of life.
“There are pictures of me out there in my baby chair, sitting around the table, while they were out there getting all the berries coming in from out in the field – grading through them, making sure they were all good,” Wells said. “I’ve been around it all my life.
Internal medicine has always been a unique specialty to me. It encompasses the realms of primary care while extending a broad coverage of health care across the adult lifespan. You can expect to be treated for all your acute and chronic conditions through care by internal medicine practitioners.
With the death toll from yellow fever mounting daily to unprecedented numbers, including many city workers involved in daily operations of basic services and infrastructure, there was a single trench opened at the City Cemetery (today Oakland Cemetery) for mass burials.
Cuban Liquor, the locally owned retailer of fine spirits and gourmet foods, recently conducted a raffle of rare and highly soughtafter bourbons, raising over $28,000 for United Way of Northwest Louisiana’s (UWNWLA) educational program, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.
Being the son of a prominent Shreveport attorney, it’s no surprise that Henry Clay Walker V decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. And being the son of a well-known civil rights attorney, it’s not that big of a stretch to think that Henry Clay Walker V would become a civil rights attorney.
On the other hand, it may be more appropriate to look at our community with the attitude of “glass halffull.” Within the last year, Amazon announced a large distribution center, and the legislature has allocated money to renovate a previous federal courthouse for use as an office building for state workers in downtown Shreveport.
Way back in the 1890s, Vilfredo Pareto, a passionate gardener and Italian economist, noticed a small percentage of the pea plants in his garden seemed to produce the majority of the peas. He counted the peas, and in fact, 80% of the peas he produced came from just 20% of his pea plants.
“They wanted folks who have mental illness and addiction to have more control over the focus and the direction of the services provided. One size doesn’t fit all, so what works in New Orleans doesn’t really work in Shreveport. So, they created us as the Northwest Louisiana Human Services District and allowed us to have our own board of directors.
“We are working on strategies to prevent and dispel the kind of activity we had late night downtown over the weekend,” Arceneaux said. “We’re examining what ordinances the establishments may have violated so that we can enforce those, and then developing strategies for breaking up the kind of activity that was there.
She earned a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in business management administration from Louisiana State University, Shreveport. She earned the designation of Certified Mortgage Specialist from Capstone Institute for Mortgage Finance.
As the weather warms up and everyone starts to get a little more active, staying consistent with fitness is extremely important. I wanted to give some tips and advice to our women readers on staying active and maintaining healthy bone quality.
Since Willis-Knighton Cancer Center is the only location in the state with proton therapy, we hear from patients throughout the state and from the surrounding area. For example, a man from New Orleans called us directly.
May is Stroke Awareness Month, an opportunity to raise awareness about strokes and their impact on individuals and communities. Strokes can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender, and can lead to serious disability or even death. A stroke is a life-altering event for the patient as well as family members and caretakers.
In the past, he has stood up to those who deal in the lawlessness and violence that have wreaked havoc on our community. He’s preached in parking lots and street corners where he believed there was drug dealing. He’s spoken out against thug culture and the destruction it has had in our neighborhoods.
“We have a Latino chef that’s going to create a menu that’s really different than anything that’s going on right now in our area,” Dudley said. “Her signature dish is a burrito taco that’s dynamite.” She also whips up a chicken dish made with pasta and jalapeno sauce.
In addition, Louisiana State University at Shreveport plans to host a regional academic symposium to highlight the epidemic’s historical, demographic and economic impact. A special symphony by composer and conductor Kermit Poling, “The Angels Gathered,” will premiere to honor the five Roman Catholic priests who sacrificed their lives in Shreveport.
For centuries, perhaps millennia, artists have been putting paint to canvas to capture people, places and things that speak to the human spirit. A short drive around any southern city will quickly reveal the closeness of spirit that communities have with their houses of worship.


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