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Monday, Nov. 18, 2019

All Through The House


A Christmas home designed to bring smiles, joy ...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Shreveport home of Gerry and Angie Burroughs.

Angie loves decorating for Christmas and immersing herself in the holiday season, so as soon as Halloween ended, it was out with the pumpkins and in with the poinsettias. The entire home receives a festive wardrobe change with treasured collectibles and multiple Christmas trees, holiday artwork and music.

“I just hope it makes you smile. That’s the whole goal – that everyone smiles, and we have a wonderful Christmas,” said Burroughs.

It takes organization and teamwork to make Burroughs’ holiday vision come to life. Decorator Terri Marshall of MilandDil Designs helps with the creation and installation. “She comes to help me design all of my Christmas, Halloween, Easter – whatever I need,” said Burroughs. “I’ll come up with the ideas, and Terri helps make them come true.”

Nutcracker soldiers flank the front door, greeting guests in their regal holiday best, while traditionally green-and-red-hued garland arches across above a matching door wreath. Slim red trees add additional pops of color in the seating areas.

Inside, Santa and Mrs. Claus figures stand in the foyer near a glittery, whimsical tree, and a garland encircles the staircase banister. Burroughs describes her den as fun and happy. Her couches are “dressed” in red tutus crafted by MilandDil Designs, and the antlers of the trophy deer on the wall are adorned with ornaments. Built-ins house some of Burroughs’ favorite Department 56 collectibles. “It’s very, very old. When we first got married 28 years ago, I started collecting it. They don’t make it anymore,” said Burroughs. “I have all the characters and put them all through the house; that’s what [the collection] is called – ‘All Through the House.’ The Mark Roberts fairies and hand-painted Vietri decorations are also cherished pieces. Crimson-clad reindeer showgirls perch on the hearth below a green-and-red bunting and watchful Nutcrackers.

Burroughs says with each visit to the home visitors notice something new. “It’s like sensory overload when you first come in. And then you come back the next time and say, ‘I didn’t even see that the first time!’” she said.

Jackie Mitchell has been Burroughs’ best friend for more than 20 years. She says something new is added each year. Among this year’s new additions is a decorative Patience Brewster table; it’s green with “legs” clad in green-striped stockings with red bows and gold pumps. “I love midcentury modern. I was so excited when I got it,” said Burroughs.

“You can’t not be happy after you’ve been here. She enjoys it, but she really loves to see people smile,” said Mitchell. “It’s a wonderful gift she has for this.”

According to Burroughs, it can take up to five full days to install all of the décor.

“You have to have help. You cannot do it all by yourself,” she said. Most of the items have a set spot each year because when she purchases a new piece, she already knows where she will place it. “She takes pictures, too, so she knows right where everything goes,” said Mitchell. “She probably has 100 clear boxes that she has marked, like ‘right side fireplace.’” Burroughs loves retro Christmas décor as well. In

the breakfast room, oversized jacks from the 1960s are nestled in the garland atop the built-ins. A nearby vignette contains a retro snowglobe television, along with a monocled snowman and mini silver tinsel tree. A lighted vintage ceramic Christmas tree glints merrily on the hall counter.

Local vendors are represented in the home – all the seat covers are custom made by Milling Around.

The living room is cozy and inviting and features many of the collectibles that Angie has gathered over the years, like her extensive set of Department 56 items. Mark Roberts fairies, hand-painted Vietri and Fitz and Floyd pieces are also some of her favorites.

Former local artist Heather Evans painted much of the Christmas art in the house. A Bill Joyce platter is displayed on a kitchen counter.

A framed “Silent Night” needlepoint, made by Burroughs’ sister-in-law, hangs in the hall. “My sister-in-law made that for me before she was married to my brother – that’s been over 30 years. I think it’s beautiful,” said Burroughs.

Fitz and Floyd collectibles, including pieces from the Scrooge series, are displayed on a hutch handcrafted by her husband when the couple were newlyweds. “They are special. They’re some of the first pieces I got when I got married,” said Burroughs. Holiday joy is also added to the outdoor kitchen, back porch and pool area.

Burroughs also puts touches in the laundry/dog’s room for the couple’s beloved pet.

The Burroughses’ home has many different styles throughout, but you will always find a bit of whimsy and hardly a touch of formality. A great room (with its own kitchen!) overlooking the veranda is rustic, but embellished with the right amount of panache. A little red accent here and there is just enough.

The formal dining room remains elegantly simple and is a beautiful complement to the dramatic decorations thoughout the home. The vaulted ceiling and wall color are outstanding!


The living room is cozy and inviting and features many of the collectibles that Angie has gathered over the years, like her extensive set of Department 56 items. Mark Roberts fairies, hand-painted Vietri and Fitz and Floyd pieces are also some of her favorites.

It’s important to always have someone greet your guests: A Santa and Mrs. Claus (left) stand by to make sure everyone finds their way. A pair of burlesque reindeer keep things hot and sassy near the hearth.

Saving the best for last: A sneak peek at the extraordinary decor in the kitchen. In our next issue, we have more images from this beautiful home included with our Food & Fun for the Holidays feature in our Dec. 4 edition of 318 Forum Magazine. We can’t wait to show you more.


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