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Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019

0070th Secret Agent Gala

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Opera Guild to present Casino Royale at Petroleum Club

The Shreveport-Bossier Opera Guild is celebrating their 70th season of the Opera with a 0070th Secret Agent Gala. This special event will be held from 7-11 p.m. on March 15 at the Petroleum Club in downtown Shreveport.

Attendees will be treated like royalty as they partake in a “Casino Royale: A 0070th Secret Agent Casino Night,” complete with live music by The Good News, unique opera performances, dancing, prizes, an open bar, delicious cuisine, a piano bar and casino games.

Elizabeth Comegys, event chair, is especially excited about the big night. “For 70 years, Shreveport has been able to sustain an opera that is vital to the arts and education of this community,” Comegys said.

The Petroleum Club will be transformed into a piano bar, casino and a room full of dancing, complete with signature cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop and other martinis. The 15th floor will be made into a casino with craps, blackjack and others table games. Guests should come to the event ready and eager to enjoy fabulous cocktails, dine on delicious plates of prime rib, boiled shrimp, Mediterranean bites, charcuterie and more.

Attire is black-tie optional. “If you’re channeling your inner James Bond, put on your best tuxedo or suit and be dancefloor ready,” Comegys said. “Ladies can dazzle in sparkles and diamonds while sipping martinis if they choose.” (Tuxedos and long dresses are welcomed but not required.)

More than a celebration, the gala will also help raise funds to support the Shreveport Opera Express (SOX), which is a touring group of the Shreveport Opera that conducts nearly 100 educational performances each year for over 50,000 children in local parishes.

“While brainstorming the party, we decided to make this different from other fundraisers in the past,” Comegys said. “We decided to forgo the auctions and just focus on a fun event that would appeal to everyone. The goal of this party is to raise money, of course, but also to ensure the future of the Opera for many years to come.”

The Shreveport-Bossier Opera is one of the oldest opera companies in the country. “Shreveport has been so fortunate to have an opera for 70 years, and we hope to have it for another 70!” Comegys said. “The Opera plays such a crucial role in the arts and education of the youth in our community. You may not be an opera connoisseur, but the importance of having an opera directly benefits our local children.”

Tickets to Casino Royale: can be purchased for $200. For more information, visit www. shreveportopera.org/operaguild or call the Shreveport Opera at 318-227-9503. Sponsorship information can also be found at www.shreveportopera.org/operaguild, or by contacting patron coordinator Anne Jenkins at 318-518-1201.

– Betsy St. Amant Haddox


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