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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Modern and contemporary work!


“My inspirations always begin with listening to the client’s needs, then developing an individualized design to meet their desires,” said Medina Interiors of Shreveport designer and owner Alison McKenzie.

Simple. Minimal. Functional. McKenzie designed this “kid zone” for a homeowner who wanted the space to fit those criteria. The client grew up in long, narrow gallery room serves as a thoroughfare to the children’s bedrooms, and was the perfect spot to bring the homeowner’s vision to life. In this space, play, study and practical Sweden and loves Scandinavian storage solutions meld design, but also wanted a fun seamlessly. space where her three young children could McKenzie brought in midcentury watch television or read. She also wanted a modern elements to build the designated spot where they could work on their homework.

The space began with a clean palette. The contemporary atmosphere. She says in Scandinavian design the walls are typically neutral or white and pops of color are added. “Everything with that style is simple and minimal. It doesn’t contain excess or extra items,” she said.

Medina is a design studio, but they also provide all of the furniture and accessories used in their home designs. McKenzie chose the dark-colored fabric on the tufted sofa because it is kid-friendly, and the color is perfect for active children. The throw pillows add a punch of pink, and the colorful art prints above the sofa brighten the neutral wall. The light oak wood of the small midcentury modern end tables is in keeping with the preference for light wood in Scandinavian design.

The opposing wall houses a large, custommade built-in. It features bookcases, desks where the children can study, a space for a television, and ample storage for toys and games.

Another wall features black-framed art created by the homeowner’s crafty young artists. This gallery of art from the heart hangs above a whiskey-hued Barcelona chair. Chosen for its modern contour, McKenzie says the classic leather chair is a fun accent. It is also easy to clean – an added bonus in this playroom.


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