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Monday, May 20, 2019

Honoring Jeff Burton


Gifted musician to be celebrated, remembered

Music icons James and Louise Burton are hosting a Celebration of Life service on June 2 at the Shreveport Convention Center for their late son, Jeffrey (Jeff) Burton. Not gone is the music legacy he has built, especially over the last 24 years, where he dedicated his life to promoting Shreveport and its rich musical history, from producing shows at the Municipal Auditorium to Fourth of July extravaganzas on the riverfront.

Known to many, Burton was a humble man who was most passionate about promoting others, but he has been making music all over the world for decades. He began playing guitar at the age of 14 and had his own band, “Influence,” in Los Angeles at 17. While there, he graduated from the prestigious Guitar Institute of Technology and built his own recording studio.

After a five-year stint in Hawaii performing with his band, “Jeff Burton & the Corvettes,” he moved to Shreveport in 1995 and opened the popular James Burton Rock’n Roll Café and continued his performances with the band. In 2008, Jeff and his superstar dad, James, formed The James Burton Band with Jeff as the lead singer. The pair toured for many years with shows from Japan to Europe, from New York to L.A. He has performed with an extensive list of artists including Sammy Hagar, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Garcia, Jeff Beck, John Denver and many others.

With his family he produced the James Burton International Guitar Festival, a fundraising arm of the James Burton Foundation, to much acclaim. Jeff took a personal interest in the foundation and devoted his time and energies to donating guitars to kids in schools, hospitals, civic programs and veterans’ groups.

His family welcomes friends and family to celebrate his life and music.


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