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Monday, Feb. 24, 2020

Design Trends

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Intelligent appliances, fixtures and lighting inspiration for 2020

From appliances and lighting to hardware and plumbing fixtures, there is something for every design style and every aesthetic in 2020.

Kandice and Dustin Weeks own Designer Specialties and Hardware in Bossier City. They say smart appliances are growing in demand. “Connectivity. People want their appliances connected wirelessly,” said Kandice. Not only does the idea of a smart appliance sound pretty cool, but it can also help simplify day-to-day tasks like doing the dishes and cooking a meal. Owners can preheat a smart oven or turn on a dishwasher or washing machine from anywhere using an app on their phone.

“They can get notifications when dinner is ready, or the laundry is finished. They can make a grocery list on their refrigerator,” said Kandice.

Another appliance trend on the rise is steam ovens and air fryer ovens. “They were just released – people are falling in love with that,” said Kandice.

“They’re adding that technology into your current wall oven option – that way, it eliminates having as many appliances.” Many smart ovens can perform multiple functions, including steaming, baking, broiling, reheating and toasting with the touch of a button, a full-color touchscreen, saving customers time, money, and counter space. Some even have built-in recipe recommendations and can save frequently used settings.

Kandice says Samsung is currently leading in appliance technology, and KitchenAid and Bosch are also popular brands with customers.

The fusion of technology and design is big, but the opposite end of the spectrum is gaining popularity in the form of retro or vintage touches.

Holly Donaldson, showroom sales at Facets of Shreveport, says unlacquered brass is making a comeback. She says it was in demand 20 years ago, but the traditional finish waned in popularity because its appearance would change – the faucet might turn green and worn looking – homeowners didn’t want that. Now customers are embracing this living finish.

“We are starting to see people now want the finish to change. They want the unlacquered brass. They’ll do unlacquered brass for their faucet and their hardware,” said Donaldson. “It gives off a lived-in feel.”

Plumbing is the first thing customers pick out because it goes in the ground. The team at Facets gets a feel for what customers like and dislike based on their plumbing choices. Gold is still a popular trend in hardware and plumbing fixtures, as is black. Customers who may be leery of using gold and black in their fixtures may use it to jazz up their lighting and hardware. Polished nickel has also picked up in demand over the past few years. “It’s a warmer tone than chrome, which is blue and stark,” said Donaldson. “Polished nickel has a gold undertone – it’s another good finish to use.”

Mixing metals is still in. A customer may choose black door handles and hinges and a polished nickel light fixture. There are no more rules in design.

Donaldson says they help ensure everything selected for a home flows together.

“We feel like most of the time, the trends come from the plumbing industry. There are a lot of black and gold fixtures for plumbing,” said Heather Brown, lighting consultant at River Cities Lighting & Rug Gallery in Bossier City.

That translates into the continued popularity of black and gold lighting finishes. Brown recently attended the Lightovation Dallas International Lighting Show at the Dallas Market Center located in the Dallas World Trade Center. She said there were still many new collections incorporating the two colors.

Lighting is the jewelry of the home, and there are collections to fit anyone’s style. “Some people like a traditional style, and there are gold fixtures for that. Some people really love the farmhouse look – the black fixtures with clear glass have the farmhouse look. And then some fixtures incorporate both colors,” said Brown.

Some other lighting trends for 2020 include textured glass, basket lights/ natural material like rattan, and oversized pendants. Natural materials add visual interest and texture to a space. Retro and vintage elements are also beginning to emerge. “You are definitely seeing more of a Boho feel right now as far as lights go – a lot of natural materials and fringe,” said Donaldson.

Whether a customer is dressing and accessorizing their home on a budget of $1,500 or $15,000, there are design choices available that will fit their needs and allow them to keep their home’s interior fresh.


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