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Monday, June 1, 2020

Good News & Bad News


Sunflower Trail is happening; Sunflower Festival is not

The 22nd annual Sunflower Trail & Festival, scheduled for June 20, has been canceled due to COVID-19. This popular summer event is taking a step back from its typical festivities this year and is proceeding with the community’s safety in mind. The sunflower trail was planted in early April, and is expected to be in full blossom in mid-June and last as late as mid-July. As usual, the sunflower trail will be open to the public, while social distancing is still heavily encouraged.

“The most prevalent part of our event are the sunflowers,” said Karen Logan, event organizer for the Sunflower Trail & Festival. “People flock from all over the nation to experience our smalltown celebration and to take photos in fields of sunflowers. Because of that, we made a conscious effort to plant the flowers on time just in case we had to come to this difficult decision to cancel the festival.”

Although there will not be live entertainment and food vendors this year, the event organizers are keeping a couple of traditions alive for visitors to enjoy during the sunflower’s peak blooming season, including the sunflower photography contest. For more information about the sunflower photography contest, follow the Sunflower Trail & Festival Facebook page for updates.

The event organizers will still produce the Sunflower Trail Brochure, which highlights sunflower field locations, small-town restaurants and more throughout rural Caddo Parish, such as Ryan Farms Produce in Dixie, Main Street Restaurant in Gilliam, and an authentic quilt shop in Mira. For more information about the Sunflower Trail & Festival and brochure, visit www.redrivercrossroadshistorical.org/sunflowertrail.

For a full list of things to do in rural Caddo and Bossier Parish, visit www.BoomOrBustByway.com.


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