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Friday, Feb. 11, 2022

Time for a Lift!


Let Cirque de Soleil’s OVO sweep you away

It’s not a “Bee Movie,” but it is about “A Bug’s Life.” It’s Cirque du Soleil OVO, it’s all about insects, and it’s coming to Bossier City’s Brookshire Grocery Arena Feb. 11-13 for five performances.

Janie Mallet, the senior publicist for Cirque du Soleil OVO, described the production as a very family-friendly show with the trademark Cirque costumes, high-energy choreography, acrobatics, stunning video effects and music full of Brazilian influence. She said there’s even a love story for the romantics who decide to celebrate this Valentine’s Day at the show.

Mallet said Bossier City and the Brookshire arena are no strangers to Cirque. “We did a show that was a collaboration with ‘Avatar’ and James Cameron. It was called ‘Toruk: The First Flight.’ We actually staged the entire show in Bossier City. We were there for three months.”

Mallet said, “I can’t tell you how much we’re looking forward to it after the past couple of years after the unexpected, extended [Covid] pause where we were forced to shut down.”

She said the artists had to get creative to keep their conditioning at performance level. Some went so far as to build acrobatic apparatus at their homes, though not all could.

“If you take a Russian Cradle Act, which is an aerial act where they’re throwing the fliers up in the air and catching them, you can’t rehearse that in a living room apartment. A lot of them did body weight conditioning or weight training,” Mallet said.

Why come to OVO when it rolls into Bossier City? “OVO is a very vibrant, colorful, high acrobatics, feel good, uplifting show. After all the restrictions, people really need to be entertained. They deserve to come to the show and really forget about their lives for a little bit and really be inspired and be mesmerized.”

For tickets: https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/OVO


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