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Friday, Feb. 11, 2022

Critical Mass 10


A review of northwest Louisiana’s best visual and literary art opened on Feb. 4 at Central ArtStation at 801 Crockett St. in downtown Shreveport. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

This year’s edition is called celebrating the tenth year of the event. The Shreveport Regional Arts Council began Critical Mass as an open invitation critique and exhibition to encourage local artists to improve their art.

National art critic Dr. Robert Pincus said, “I think that Critical Mass has created an atmosphere of constructive conversation between artists and critics. SRAC and Shreveport have accomplished something unusual, something special with Critical Mass, by creating a platform in which critics from all disciplines offer a fresh slant on what is being made in Shreveport and giving recognition to it in talks and writings.”

An online site is available for those interested to get a look at what is included in Critical Mass 10: https://fb.watch/aOvcl30JI5/ This year’s celebration also includes, for the first time, a retrospective of previous honorees. Those include Rachel Stuart Haas, Joshua Chambers, Katie Bickham, Taffie Garsee, Nadine Charity, Marilyn Couch, Brenda Wimberly, Devin Rachul, Ashley Mace Havird, PoeticX, Talbot Hopkins, David Bottoms, Katie Bickham, Michael Futreal, Carolyn Breedlove, Linda Dickson Moss, Joe Bluhm, Rashard Dennis, Mawiyah Bomani, Eric Francis, John Martin and Julie Kane.

Also on exhibit this year is the 2022 SRAC Collector/Collectible Artist Series, which kicked off Thursday, Feb. 3.

According to SRAC in its news release for the events, “The series is what connects the region’s most successful artists with the most generous arts patrons who are destined to become art collectors. Northwest Louisiana boasts rich artistic vision and talent. Still, to keep artists here, they have to move beyond merely surviving to thriving, and that can only be done with patrons who purchase artworks, books and tickets to arts event. Artists rely on support from the public through the sale of their work, and Critical Mass 10 is one of the most visible ways to showcase local artists’ work for sale.”

NOTE: Artspace and Central ArtStation request proof of vaccine or negative Covid test less than two days old to enter this exhibition opening. You can visit Artspace and Central ArtStation during the week without vaccine proof. We do ask that people wear masks.


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