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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018
whose primary mission is to provide access to simple, stress-free painting opportunities for inpatient and clinic cancer patients. Visit our website for more information. If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact Darlene Whitaker at (318)814-1458.
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018
in partnership with the Bossier Arts Council (BAC), Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Highland Open Studio Tour Sundays (HOSTS), Agora Borealis, Norsworthy Gallery, Minden Cultural Crossroads, and the North Central Louisiana Arts Council. These tours give a peek behind the curtain at how NWLA Artists create.
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018
The 2018-2019 Arts Season literally fills the calendar with front row seats at the theatre, evenings at the opera, the sounds of a symphony, the drumbeat of downtown, the fun of a festival and the gala of an art gallery opening.
Monday, April 9, 2018
As far back as the Renaissance, scientists who were artists (or vice versa) have been changing the world with their voracious curiosity and their collaborative thinking. Leonardo Da Vinci understood that science and innovation needed Art to visualize concepts.



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