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Medical, spa services available at specialty business


Medical, spa services available at specialty business

Ali N. Johnson, known as the “The PediQueen,” is the owner/ esthetician/ podologist for the Footique Specialty Spa located in Shreveport.

The Footique Specialty Spa provides specialized foot care, medical, diabetic and luxury pedicures, as well as toenail restoration through the use of pharmaceutical foot care products. Footique Specialty Spa also offers skin care, waxing, eyelash extensions and semi-permanent makeup services.

“Footique offers a private, by-appointmentonly setting that allows clients to feel comfortable when they are challenged with foot issues,” Johnson said. “Footique also uses Footlogix products, which are formulated to treat specific foot issues and provide lasting results.”

Footique is a wellness option for people that are suffering from callus, dry skin, crack heels, toenail fungus and toenail discoloration.

“Footique prides itself on ‘Wellness Beyond a Pedicure’ and the results will last longer than two weeks,” Johnson said.

“Our professional and advanced trained staff members provide excellent customer satisfaction.”

Footique offers two categories of pedicures. “Footique pedicures are unique and are not offered in this area, which sets itself apart from traditional nail spas,” Johnson said. “The treatments are not rushed, and all clients receive major pampering, including hot towels, warm hydration masque, organic sugar scrubs and complimentary beverages.

“My favorite part of my job is educating clients on lasting results and providing the best overall spa experience,” Johnson said. “Exposing our clients to luxury, relaxation, effective treatments, unique services, professional products and customer satisfaction is important to me. I love seeing my clients’ amazed expression from their foot care results.”

Footique Specialty Spa Vision is to provide the best overall spa experience for clients. “We are dedicated to make it our utmost priority to ensure the health and happiness of all our clients,” Johnson said. “We adhere to the strictest sanitation standards by sterilizing all instrumentation after each use and disposing of all single-use products and tools.”

“The spa serves the general public, as well as podiatry patients, athletes, celebrities and those with certain medical conditions that prevent them from receiving traditional pedicure services,” Johnson said.

“Footique Specialty Spa has three private luxury treatment rooms to cater all booked appointments.”

But it’s not just about luxury – it’s about health.

“First and foremost, we help protect the overall health of every medical pedi (medi-pedi) client that walks through the doors,” Johnson said. “Each client is asked to complete a client consultation before completing an evaluation with the touching of the feet to find out about any health problems or concerns the client may have.”

Footique offers therapeutic services that promise clients a high level of sanitation, callus reduction, superior treatment products and expert knowledge. “Many of our clients have a greater need for extra foot care because of thick calluses and dry, cracked skin on their heels,” Johnson said. “A standard pedicure will not soften, smooth and exfoliate client’s feet nearly as much.”

Footique services help by not offering a traditional pedicure, but instead, medi-pedi’s, which are more of a wellness pedicure.

“Footique offers and uses pediceuticals products, which means they are specifically made for feet and the treatment of specific foot conditions,” said Johnson.

“We offer medical pedis as an enhanced pedicure that can be performed two ways,” she said.“One procedure is about addressing callus care and using a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion on the feet. Another procedure is the detox pedicure, which is more about massage, healing and relaxation.”

–Betsy St. Amant


The Footique Specialty Spa is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. Services are by appointment only. For more information, go to or fi nd them on Facebook at Or simply call the spa at 626-5052.

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