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Monday, March 28, 2016


Honoring the legacy of our ‘cynic’; embracing change

The Forum has experienced several changes in just a few weeks that have proved challenging, but also stimulating, with the opportunity to add new talent and voices to our publications.

One that pulls at the heart string of The Forum family and also the community at large was the loss of our esteemed Contributor Emeritus Charles E. Fellers, better known as Chuck, who died after a brief illness just shy of his 90th year. His death was a surprise to us since he still made his weekly rounds to Rotary Club, dropping by The Forum and enjoying Saturday morning coffee at Mandina’s. His visits to the office had certainly become less frequent, but when here, his smiles and words of encouragement were always welcome.

When Forum participated in raising the money for the Veterans Memorial on Clyde Fant Parkway (the giant bronze eagle), we were allowed to choose someone to honor on the memorial. Chuck was a natural. There was never a prouder American. A veteran who had served his country during World War II, there was no doubt for us that it should be his name in granite.

Chuck contributed to Forum from its beginning in 1988. It would be hard to imagine how different I was as a 25-year-old upstart graphic designer to Fellers. He was from the political right, and to him, most everyone else was in the “wrong.” There was no Internet, or 24-hour news drama, so his language was one I had to learn.

Some of the most entertaining was during the Clinton years. He had Bill pegged from the get-go. Some readers might be too young to remember the scandal, but various lawsuits and accusations were brought against Clinton for sexual misconduct. Fellers had a lot of fun with that. He was “our Chuck,” and we will miss him.

Meanwhile, back at Forum headquarters, we welcome a new graphic designer, Marcus Mébes, and say farewell to managing editor Lydia Earhart, who will join The Glen Retirement System as their marketing and community relations director. Her influence on both The Forum and CityLife Magazine have been very positive.

So as we come full circle once again I find myself back in the editor’s chair. It’s always inspiring to tackle the day-to-day operations and production of our publications. I am always interested in hearing your ideas and sharing your stories about the people and events of Northwest Louisiana. Contact me at editor@theforumnews.com. Keep up with us also at www.theforumnews.com and on Facebook: “The Forum and City Life Magazine.”

– Jay Covington, Publisher/Editor


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