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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

healthy SCENE

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Louisiana Association for the Blind hosted a sell-out event, Dining in the Dark, an immersive dining experience, Feb. 24 at Superior’s Steakhouse, where guests ate while blindfolded! This allowed the diners to have an enhanced sense of taste and smell while navigating the intricacies of eating and drinking. Special guest of honor was Hoby Wedler. Blind since birth, Wedler found a passion for food and drink and how they relate to the senses. He worked directly with the wine and food experts at the restaurant to maximize the experience. Some of the extraordinary foods sampled: Seared striped bass, seasoned couscous and citrus caper sauce; pecan-smoked pork loin with Cajun orzo risotto and slow-roasted beef short ribs.

Dining In The Dark

1) Helen Wise and April McCartney

2) Audra M. Hicks, Brandon Smith and Libby Murphy

3) Claudia Lyles and Julie Miller

4) Jay Covington and Audra M. Hicks

5) Mark McCullough and Lindsey Melancon

6) Michelle Pledger and Jessica Carr

7) Nick and Charlotte Huston

8) Mike and Julie Miller, Stephanie Edmiston and Rep. Larry Bagley


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