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Monday, March 26, 2018



Bedrooms that are rich and restful

Check out these engaging looks from the masters at Space: interiors. All adults need a retreat – from the family, from the chores in the kitchen or just somewhere wonderful to curl up with a book on a rainy day. And at the end of the day, isn’t this where we all end up, seeking relaxation before the lights go out?

Mid-Century Aerie

Susan Shattuck and Doug Fryett Myron Griffing took the lead on this project, and he and his team delivered a second-floor retreat that feels like a grand treehouse. Using the homeowner’s existing bed, Griffing replaced the bedside tables made of stunning black glass and undersized lamps. The new lamps are at a perfect height for the scale of the area and reading. The drawers of the new bedside tables (made of stunning black glass!) eliminate bedside clutter that we all seem to collect.

The artwork, the homeowners’ favorite, was pulled from an under appreciated spot on the stair and is now a focal point of the room.

The bench seat is covered in faux chinchilla while the underside is velvet with an irregular stripe for a subtle punch of design. A single over-sized chaise is replaced with a GUS Modern sectional from Nader’s Gallery. A sophisticated swing-arm lamp in the corner of the sofa is perfect for both function and reading.

The ceiling paper was chosen for its subtle gray beading, beautifully exposed at night when the lamps illuminate the dots on the ceiling.

The window coverings are by Virginia Harris McKinnon, fabric from Milling Around.

Black and White with Style All Over

Allie and Chris Stahl Allie and Chris had already begun work on their master bedroom with a palette of black and white. The design team at Space: interiors took over and made it a home run. Myron Griffing was the point-man on this project, and he loves the boldness of black and white while remembering it must be soothing, not challenging to the eye. He was successful.

When designing, Griffing says why not start at the top? While many people choose to ignore ceilings and paint them white, Griffing considers ceilings the fifth wall with unlimited possibility.

“We’ve always been led to believe that painting a ceiling a dark color makes a room seem smaller; the opposite is true. In this instance, we used black on the vaulted ceiling, and it seems infinite. It was a perfect choice for accentuating the pitch,” Griffing said. The walls are painted stark white.

The vertical stripes of the black-andwhite fabric were chosen for the window coverings and “lift” the eyes up to the height of the room. The drapes are by Virginia Harris McKinnon, and the fabric is from Milling Around. The long curtains behind the bed take the walls to new heights. A wing chair has a similar upholstery, tying the room together seamlessly.

The Grecian bedside lamps in contrasting black and white were discovered by the design team while on a New Orleans shopping expedition. The existing headboard was used and the bed repositioned in front of the windows. The artwork is by local artist Jennifer Psalmonds. The color of the painting and cobalt blue of the bench add a pop of color to the retreat.

Luxe Look

Mallory and Kyle McCotter James Osborne and Rebecca Hays of Space: interiors brought this project to fruition and took it from the blahs of beige to warm shades of blues, gold and champagne, accentuated with metallic finishes. These contrasts and a variety of textures will have you sighing with delight.

The homeowners shared their vision, and the result is beautifully rich and simply beautiful. The wallpaper has a beautiful blue in the pattern, the darkest of which the ceiling trim is painted in a semi-gloss oil-based paint. The ceiling is a flat matte wallpaper in navy. The bedding is reflective of the gold and champagne threads from the wallpaper.

Sources: The chairs are from Ashley Furniture, the bed from Haverty’s. Carpet is from Henson’s. The drapes are from Milling Around.


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