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Monday, March 26, 2018


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for your kitchen in 2018

It´s your home’s focal point. The site of some of your best moments and the base of operations for entertaining – it’s your kitchen, and no room in your home is more kitchen, and no room in your home is more valuable. A magnificent kitchen defines a home, and bringing your kitchen to this level means capitalizing on today’s top trends.Many of the trends that will define kitchens for the year appear first at KBIS, the kitchen and bath industry convention held every year in January. More than 600 brands attended this year’s event, and here are the five trends that stood out from the show and are sure to dictate kitchen styles for the rest of this year and beyond.“The kitchen will always be the heart of the home, where families spend a significant amount of their time together building memories that will last a lifetime,” Mary Ann Elston, owner of Kitchen & Bath Cottage in Shreveport, said. “We’re seeing a trend of clients wishing to invest in design layouts, appliances and finishes that enrich their lifestyle and contribute to the overall experience.”

1. Appliances that can do it all.

As home chefs have become much more refined, the need for kitchen appliances capable of delivering to these expectations has increased. Signature Kitchen Suite, the new-to-the-scene luxury brand, for example, debuted the first-of-its-kind pro-style range with built-in sous vide for the ultimate in precision cooking. The range is among the most versatile available with two extra-high burners that deliver 23,000 BTUs of cooking power and two ultra-low burners to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees.
This appliance is also Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can monitor and control your kitchen wherever you are.

2. Unique backsplashes.

The tile backsplash still has plenty of staying power, but the latest trends are upping the wow factor of this kitchen mainstay. From mirrored glass and backlit onyx to decorative sculptures, the kitchen backsplash is becoming the statement piece of any kitchen and a unique way to express your own style and taste.

3. Matte black finishes.

The standard appearance of kitchen fixtures is taking on a darker tone in 2018, as matte black finishes are flourishing in a big way. This elegant, luxe appliance finish complements any kitchen and is also designed to conceal fingerprints and smudges.

This smooth, low-gloss design option enhances any style kitchen, from modern to farmhouse, traditional to contemporary, and every style in between.“We’re working with our clients to create kitchens that are utilized more often today as special entertainment areas,” Elston said. “We do this by creating interest with oversized lighting fixtures over islands for

dramatic effect as opposed to a single fixture, built-in coffee systems such as those offered by our Miele and Sub-Zero brands, and custom appliance garages that tuck away small kitchen appliances like the toaster or blender.”

4. Design elements everywhere.

Long a place of functional purity, the kitchen is getting a dramatically artistic makeover in 2018. Designers from one side of KBIS to the other were showcasing lavish kitchens complemented with unique patterns, angles and texture choices. You simply wanted to go out and touch and savor every single detail they offered. The takeaway? It is possible to enjoy looking at your kitchen as much as you enjoy working in it.“We’re also seeing a color palette that is dominated by shades of white and soft gray tones,” Barbara Mitchell, licensed interior designer with Kitchen & Bath Cottage, said. “Wood Mode’s Artic Mist finish, which is a pale, warm, soft gray, embodies more of the tonal qualities desired by today’s homeowner. Our clients tend to prefer a timeless classic neutral color combination in their kitchen that will not date the space. Pantone’s “Ultra Violet,” Sherwin Williams’ “Oceanside,” and Benjamin Moore’s “Caliente” are the colors of the moment, and we are also seeing a continuing trend toward the use of a pop of color on the kitchen island or in the butler pantry to highlight those areas of or adjacent to the kitchen.”

5. Smarter kitchens.

New Wi-Fi enabled appliances are helping people control their homes in new ways, allowing for greater convenience – either through the touch of a button on their smartphone or via voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Want to preheat the oven before you head home from work? Done. Need a fresh batch of ice before company arrives? You don’t even have to get up.

Forget to turn on the dishwasher? No problem. Choose a cycle and turn it on from virtually anywhere. Smart home leaders like LG have also teamed with food and recipe services such as Innit and SideChef to better assist home chefs with planning, shopping, preparing and cooking delicious meals.“Our designers work to design kitchens that incorporate a multitude of innovative smart features and cutting-edge technology that reflect both the desires and needs of today’s homeowner,” Elston said. “In today’s culture, there is a growing demand to have as much technology at our fingertips as possible, including high-quality smart appliances that can be linked to smart phones, hands-free faucets, energy-efficient, sensor-activated room lighting and custom cabinetry that resembles fine furniture with integrated interior lighting.”Kitchen & Bath Cottage’s tile designer, Mary Patten, said, “Lately, people are beginning to utilize their ceilings as a fifth wall and are applying tiles, wood or even striking wallpapers to take advantage of an area often neglected in the thought process.”Taking your kitchen to the next level.

The latest and greatest innovations for your kitchen were on display at KBIS, but bringing them home is up to you. Need more renovation inspiration? Check out new virtual design tools to experiment with different styles and appliance combinations to create your dream kitchen. You may just find a whole new look for your kitchen.


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