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Monday, May 21, 2018

Custom Closets: Worth The Investment

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Building a home is both exciting and daunting, in equal measure. You are faced with so many decisions, big and small, and it can be hard to know which areas are worth investing in.

While most building budgets don’t include a line item for closet installations, the aesthetic appeal and organization of a professional closet is vitally important to a beautiful new home.

Here are a few reasons why having a custom closet should be at the top of your new home’s “must haves” list:

A Tailored Space

I have an unconventional, personalized process when creating a closet plan. I want each closet to be expertly tailored to the customer’s individual needs and wants, so I begin by taking inventory of their clothes. I then use that information to maximize their space with different tools – hanging, storage and shelving solutions – to get exactly what they need.

If a client wears more short dresses vs. long pants, I customize the hanging space to get the most room for those short dresses, without wasting space planning for longer items that the client doesn’t wear. If they prefer boots to heels, the shelving is customized to suit. I even factor in the heights of my clients, to make sure they aren’t cramped or reaching in certain spaces. And each shelf and rod is easily adjustable – if something isn’t working for you, I will come back and rearrange until it is the perfect fit.

I call this process “math made pretty.”

By taking stock of their wardrobe, preferences and personal information, I can design a plan that practically fits their needs and wants. If you are spending the money on a custom home, invest in a custom closet. You spend important parts of your day in this space – make it tailored to you.

Organization Made Easy

A new closet is an opportunity to create new habits – to start fresh with your daily rhythms of keeping things tidy and in their own place. Organization comes easily to me, and I set each customer up to achieve that, too. I create sections throughout the closet, so each item has a “home,” and I set each closet up with an organizational system; segmented by category and color is my preferred method and works well for many customers.

There are several big advantages to being organized …

• See what you have in a glance – and no more digging around for that one white blouse, an evening clutch or your brown boots! Clients should be able to quickly find each item easily, which saves valuable time and energy

• Are you ever out shopping and can’t remember exactly how many blue dress shirts you have, or if you have shoes in a certain color? My clients will be able to close their eyes and visualize different sections of their closets, making it easy to determine use an addition. This saves time, money and returns, and will make you a more strategic, confident shopper!

• It has been proven again and again that clutter and disorganization can trigger anxiety; an organized home can literally de-stress your brain! Create an oasis in your home with a calming space.

Preserve Your Clothing Investment

Treating your clothes well extends their life and helps get your money’s worth from that purchase. My closets are outfitted with premium materials; the beautiful finish ensures no snags or rough edges on shelves and drawers. I also provide effective solutions for preserving handbags, jewelry, shoes and other accessories to ensure a long, happy life for these costly items.

Where Do I Come In?

I can step in at any point of a building project; if you’re in the planning stages, I can take a look at your plans and give you a ballpark estimate to add to your overall budget, as well as offer expert insight on how to maximize your space and plan details like door placement and ceiling space. If you’re in the framing stages, I can visit to get accurate measurements and an inside look at what will go inside the walls, and how if that category is lacking or could to utilize your space well. If you’re wrapping up a build or have an existing home, I can get started from what you have and create a lovely space.

As with all things, the more complex the project, the longer it takes, but I can typically complete a custom closet within two weeks.

I specialize in taking away the overwhelming nature of creating an organized life – my goal is for customers to feel good about their closets, and set them up to maintain a space that will serve them well.


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