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Monday, Aug. 13, 2018



A local non-profit organization with a heart for unity and faith

Created  by Chauncy and Kirstie Horton, 318 Collective strives to unite, refuel and engage this generation.

“The goal of our ministry is revival, community and discipleship,” Chauncy said.

“We have the heart to see this generation connect with the heart of God. We put this group together to host the presence of the Lord, which is the only thing able to bring lasting change.”

While officially organized since January 2018, 318 Collective has been a dream of the Hortons for several years. “We believe that the social, spiritual, economic and racial issues we face in our city must be addressed head-on, and it will take the collective efforts of every church, business, nonprofit, city official, school, man and woman to accomplish it,” Chauncy said. “The 318 Collective wants to be that bridge.”

The Hortons have been married for six years and have a young son. “Experiences in life have driven us closer to the heart of God over the years,” Chauncy said. “Those experiences and His faithfulness in them is what fuels the passion we have for His Kingdom, His people and our city.”

The Hortons have big hearts, and even bigger hope for their community. “We believe that Shreveport will be one of many cities to lead the charge in restoration on all sorts of issues, including crime, homelessness and sex trafficking,” Chauncy said.

“Anyone who has the heart for the restoration of our city and region should partner with the 318 Collective movement,” said Kirstie. “We need people with all sorts of talents, skills, resources and experiences to contribute. Our partners should know that our goal isn’t to build a brand or a ministry, our goal is to build the Kingdom of God.”

One of the events regularly hosted by 318 Collective is Burn, an extended time of worship. Lasting for six, 12 or 24 hours straight, Burn is an opportunity for local worshippers, musicians and singers to unite, worship and pray for the community.

The first Burn was held on March 23, and the June Burn was a solid 24 hours of worship. The next Burn is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Aug. 31 and will be held at the Hub in downtown Shreveport. “The August Burn will be a six-hour session of non-stop worship and intercession,” said Kirstie. “We’ll have teams from all over the region lead sets, with prayer in between.”

The community can get involved by attending Burn, praying for the city and donating financially. Current needs include the purchasing or donation of instruments for Burn worship nights, snacks for the worship teams and volunteers skilled in tech support, singing and playing instruments. “We also have a vision for a coming 24- hour prayer room that will require financial partners to build and operate,” Kirstie said.

“Our heart for the church is one that Jesus commissioned,” Kirstie said. “One where there are no dividing lines of race or denomination – a church whose focus fulfills the great commission to preach the gospel, baptize and make disciples. We have so many great churches in our area, and 318 Collective has a vision to see them all working together to fulfill that purpose!” Follow 318 Collective on Facebook and Instagram for details or contact the Hortons at 318collective@gmail.com.

– Betsy St. Amant Haddox


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