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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018

Joseph Guin Barber

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Brings cutting edge style to Shreveport

When a career, a dream and a passion come together, magical things can happen. No one knows that magic better than Joseph Guin, owner of Joseph Guin Salon in downtown Shreveport. Mr. Guin opened in mid-August at 6018 Line Ave. to much fanfare.

The location is directly next to John Pickens Custom Clothiers, and both businesses are excited to be in proximity to provide Shreveport the best service possible. “I love that John and I go after it with different mindsets. He wants to create that entire experience, and he sought out someone like myself who appreciates all the deeply steeped tradition of barbering,” explained Guin. “It was the first medical profession – that’s what the barber pole signifies is a bloodletting. They were the first dentists – that part of it has always spoken deeply to me, so I really appreciate that he has a very similar concept with men’s clothing and men’s fashion.”

John Pickens of John Pickens Custom Clothiers and Matt Snyder approached Guin to open a barbershop next to Pickens’ longstanding bastion of men’s fashion on Line Avenue. “When they came to me, it really made me take a longer look at it, and I thought, you know, after all those years of calculated research, even if I take a risk, if I love something so much, it is bound to be successful.” Guin is taking his research and putting it all into Joseph Guin Barber. “Everything I’ve learned from 15 years of traveling and going to different barber shops, I’m implementing it into this one. I think it was the perfect timing, it was the perfect place – I don’t think any of it was a coincidence.”

For Guin, business is a team effort, and in this instance, the team captain came in the form of the current manager of Joseph Guin Salon, Allison Harkness. “Allison not only embodies every character trait needed and desired to run a business, but she’s honest and straightshooting enough to run my business without the interruption of me,” explained Mr. Guin. “She is loyal to the degree that most people don’t get to experience, and Joseph Guin Barber wouldn’t exist without her,” said Guin.

Harkness will be the co-manager at Joseph Guin Salon and manager at Joseph Guin Barber. “I’ve had the role of the general contractor during the process, and I did not realize the undertaking that would be, but it is also extraordinary to see a shell of a building become your vision of a building,” Harkness explained. “We are the perfect team to make that happen; he knows what I’m going to do, he’s got that trust in me, I trust in him, and we know we are going to make it happen.”

The services at Joseph Guin Barber cater to the area, and their names are locations in the South Highland Neighborhood. “This is going to be your original neighborhood barbershop, and we want it to be very neighborhood and feel very original to Shreveport. Because it is original for Shreveport,” said Harkness. One of the services offered is the Fairfield Full Service Shave. “We use a steamer through the treatment to keep the face hydrated, then use a straight razor and have a five-towel service. It’s just a blend of different techniques to give you the best grooming experience possible,” she explained. “They walk out of there feeling like a million bucks because it feels like they got a full-body massage, but it was just on their face.” Additional options are the Line Avenue Outline, the Joseph Guin Barber Signature Cut, and the Querbes Quick Cut, among others.

Guin will continue spending his time at Joseph Guin Salon, while Harkness and barbers Joe LaCour, Terry Keck and Madison Waxley take care of Joseph Guin Barber. “I don’t have time to have another job, but I do have time to start another business. So I started this business with my brand and with my know-how, but it’s not really going to have my hands in it. I will still work the exact same amount of time at my chair at the salon,” said Guin.

Joseph Guin Barber is open, and according to Harkness, they are ready to start some new traditions. “This is going to be where you take your toddler to get their hair cut, the graduate to get their hair cut, a new dad to get his hair cut, and where your grandfather will get his hair cut. This is a place for all ages, it’s all inclusive, we are Shreveport’s everybody barbershop.”

Joseph Guin Barber is located at 6018 Line Ave. 318-585-0000.

– Amanda Byrd

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