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Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019

The Butterfly Effect

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Be the change you want to see in the world

Together, a crew of local women and girls painted a giant butterfly on the wall of the Fuller Center NWLA’s building at 300 North Allen St. in mid- December, hoping to inspire people to “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”

(https:// butterflyeffectbethechange.com) is a non-profit founded to inspire people to promote change in their communities by participating in interactive street art.

People passing by this beautiful 8-foot by 12-foot street art can take a picture of themselves standing in the middle of the butterfly wings, and post or text the photo with a hashtag of their favorite charity, such as #AmVets, #ShreveportGreen or #FullerCenterNWLA. The Butterfly Effect will make a donation in each participant’s name. The idea is that interactive street art can inspire microphilanthropy that continues to fan out and inspire more change, like the beating of a butterfly’s wings.

“I’m so excited to partner with The Butterfly Effect and bring it to Shreveport,” said co-organizer Elizabeth Beauvais. “It’s going to be a fun and inspiring way to encourage people to think about the causes they are passionate about – and then encourage them to take a small action towards making a difference.”

Liz Swaine, executive director of the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority, secured permission for the second Social Butterfly installation to be in downtown Shreveport. The Hakim family from Monroe, owners of 409 Crockett St., have agreed to allow their building to be the second installation site for the Social Butterfly mural.

Visitors to the Social Butterfly mural take the photo inside of the butterfly and post it on social media using the #SocialButterfly and #ButterflyEffect hashtags, then text the picture to (978) 403-0114 with the name of their favorite charity. The donation is then made in the person’s name to that charity, with a returning confirmation text.

The Allendale mural is on the side of the building owned by the Fuller Center of NW Louisiana (also headquarters of Chef Hardette Harris’ “Us Up North” Culinary Experiences).


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