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Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019



The Young Professional Initiative of Northwest Louisiana (YPI) teams up annually with the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and 318 Forum Magazine to present the top 40 Under Forty Young Professionals. Earning the top honor and reigning as queen of the night: Emerie Eck Gentry (left). Photos by Jeremy Hernandez. Find more online at: www.318forum.com, or on FB: 318 Forum Magazine. Enjoy!

Jason Holtzclaw and Emerie Eck Gentry

Shelly Marie and Greg Redmond

Robby and Katie Bursley

Shondale and Nathaniel Coleman Jr.

Ben and Charnae McDonald

Paul and Britney Spivey

Aaron and Sarah Kirk

Brian Wheeler and Karen E. Wissing

Anna Flores de Remick and Kevin de Remick

Casey Collins and Grace Nichols

Daniel Farris, Rosada Farris, Clarence Bolden

Lindsey Pennington and Andrew Larson

Tamera and Sedrick Robinson

Jarrett and Rachael Peters

Jay Covington and Fayline Bass

Leighton and Laury Allen, Matt Hodge, Trevor Howell, Courtney Elliott, Sarah and Adam Lytle, Chris and Angela Canatella.

Jason and Tiffany Martin, Macy Fritz, Jason Holtzclaw, Emerie Eck Gentry, Katy Pierce, Elizabeth Kell, Jeanne Thomas and Joe Eck.

Jessica and Brent Latin


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