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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


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Geaux 318 Forum

Best in Sheaux is integral to the success of Robinson’s Rescue. As a non-profit, we rely heavily on the generous donations of members of our community. Our annual fundraiser is both an opportunity for us to raise a large part of our yearly operating budget, and also a chance for us to say thank you to all of the people who have so generously supported us throughout the year. Every dollar that we raise at Best in Sheaux goes back into Robinson’s Rescue, and that money then directly allows us to provide low-cost and subsidized spay and neuter services to the pet owners of Northwest Louisiana.

This year, we were blessed with 318 Forum as our presenting sponsor. Without your support and exposure, we are convinced that Best in Sheaux would not have been nearly as successful. We cultivate strong relationships with our media partners across Shreveport- Bossier, but 318 Forum really went above and beyond this year. When we sat down for our first meeting with Jay (the publisher), we never expected that we would make it to the cover of the magazine! In print and online, 318 Forum held Robinson’s Rescue and Best in Sheaux up to the light and really let us shine, increasing our media presence and, hopefully, bringing us to the attention of a whole new crop of people who share our passion for animal welfare, and who can work with Robinson’s Rescue to make the lives of all of our furry friends longer, safer and better.

From the staff, the board of directors, the volunteers and the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you to 318 Forum for your invaluable support of Best in Sheaux: Art of the Dog. We look forward to many more years of successful partnerships to come!

– Candy Peavy, Chair, Board of Directors


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