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Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

Fat Calf Brasserie

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Felan family set to open their dream neighborhood restaurant

Fat Calf Boucherie will soon have a new brick and mortar home with a new name, Fat Calf Brasserie. The new restaurant is located at 3030 Creswell Ave. in Shreveport (previously Columbia Café).

Chef Anthony Felan and his wife and partner, Amanda Felan, are living their dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant in Highland.

“There are very few true neighborhood restaurants in Shreveport, so we feel this is a special place that offers something different to our area,” said Chef Anthony. “Residents have a track record of supporting local, and we really look forward to being a part of that.”

The new space is currently undergoing significant renovations to expand the dining area, update the interior and enhance the bar and kitchen.

Fat Calf Brasserie’s menu will include French-inspired Southern classics that are built around the newly installed rotisserie such as duck leg confit, leg of lamb and Porchetta, whole roasted chicken and confit potatoes, steak frites, and a variety of roasted vegetables like Chef Anthony’s popular Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The Boucherie Burger and the handmade soft pretzel are some of the other Fat Calf Boucherie favorites that will move to the new restaurant as well.

“My culinary training was rooted in classical French techniques, so I am excited to showcase that with Fat Calf Brasserie,” said Chef Anthony. “It’s really what we’ve been building toward for years, and with the support of our community, family and friends, we are finally able to make that happen.”

Fat Calf Boucherie will remain open through August at Red River Brewing, and the new restaurant is expected to open later in the year once renovations are complete.


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