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Monday, Oct. 7, 2019

Peace of Mind Center

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Find singing bowls, healing crystals and spiritual harmony

Once a week, I head down to the and peruse the crystals.

I have a little guide I keep in my pocket that lets me know exactly what I need for specific issues. Toothache? Time to grab a little sliver of aquamarine. Need a little luck for a job interview? Citrine should do the trick.

Walking through the rows of tarot cards, singing bowls and candles, you might find it hard to believe that a place like this exists in our little corner of the Deep South. Even better, it has been surviving and thriving here for the last 20 years.

Through the years, Peace of Mind has lived in four locations, most recently settling into a much larger building located at 3611 Youree Drive.

When owner Gena White moved to Shreveport, there were no yoga studios, let alone a wellness center. Having studied astrology since she was 10 years old, White could feel that this city needed a place that promoted spiritual wellness. Within days of opening, White had an outpouring of love from the surrounding community, including a woman stopping by simply to hug her and thank her. “She told me that she had prayed for a place like this,” White said.

With two massage rooms, multiple classrooms and sprawling retail space, the new building will fully allow Peace of Mind to embrace the “Center” found in its name. White has hopes of creating an educational place where holistic practices and spiritual living come together.

The business boasts three retail staff members, two massage therapists and the recently added Dr. Denise Fredi. Dr. Fredi is available to work with clients on anything from past life regression to trauma, conflict management, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness. With over 20 years of education and training in public health studies, Fredi combines evidence-based and holistic approaches to “maximize the effects for individual health.” In other words, Dr. Fredi is a heavy-hitter who is ready to change some lives.

White is excited about the growth of the Peace of Mind Center, but she does not seem surprised. “This store has a life of its own. We have people in here weekly who tell us that the store just called for them. They felt drawn in.” She remembers a time when their original mailing list contained 15 names. Currently, their database has over 19,000 people. White attributes this not only to the store’s seemingly powerful aura but also to her fervent approach to customer service.

“We are dedicated to getting to know our customers,” says White. “I teach all of our workers to recognize each and every face and memorize everyone’s name.”

It seems that most everyone who enters the Center almost immediately feels at home. “It is such a welcoming space,” says Kyleigh Opie, one of the store’s regulars. “The energy of the shop itself is so warm and inviting – and the staff is all so friendly and knowledgeable. Some days I go in there to wander around and see what calls out to me. I never leave emptyhanded.”

Retail worker Lindsay Gleason, a fouryear veteran of the shop, whom White calls one of the “hardest-working millennials in Shreveport,” believes that the Center brings out the best in people. “It is truly magical to see people come together to learn, grow and share their experiences. Many times, customers will engage in conversation without knowing each other at all. I’ve seen so many friendships started right in our lobby.”

One thing is for sure, the Peace of Mind Center has worked its way into the heart of Shreveport and does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. People from all walks of life are fans of the Center, ranging in ages from 18 to 65. They seem to have something for everyone. According to Opie, “They provide a place for a broad spectrum of spiritual practitioners without being exclusive. Whether you’re spiritually seasoned or newly curious, Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, atheist – no matter your personal practice, they provide a safe place to explore and grow.”


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