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Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019

Seratones Travis Stewart

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Feeling the “Power” from London to Barcelona

We caught up with Travis Stewart, guitarist from The Seratones, after their “Power” promotion tour in Europe. The Seratones toured Europe three years ago, but this was Travis’ first time to make the trip across the pond. They began in London and made their way through Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, France, ending in Barcelona.

Their tour manager, Jeppe’, a 21-yearold Belgian, got his first experience with an “American” band – and this one from Shreveport. Since none of the members had driver’s licenses for their destinations, Jeppe’ drove the whole tour in their rented RV and trailer. The crowds they played ranged in size from 250 to 300 patrons. Their funky-rhythmic-soulful sound led by front person AJ Haynes was received very well throughout the tour. Asked about their favorite food venue along the way, it was Little Tibet in Belgium, described as “Thai food heaven.”

Band members include AJ Haynes (vocals, guitar), Travis Stewart (guitar), Adam Davis (bass), and Tyran Coker (keyboards, harmonium).

After coming home, Travis was gifted with a custom leather guitar strap modeled after a unique shaped strap his dad, Richard Stewart, had given him. Dr. Ciaravella of “Dr. C’s Designs” presented this handmade masterpiece to Travis upon his return. The talented “Dr. C,” was asked how many hours it took him to make the beautiful piece of art. He looked over his reading glasses and said, “A lot.” The Seratones start touring again in January, headed to the Midwest and the Northeast promoting their new album, “Power.” Pick up their new album and check out their “Power” video on YouTube.

Photo by Jonathan Jones


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