Monday, July 27, 2020

Club 365


SRAC changes its spots with prize giveaway

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council holds a flashy gala every other year called Christmas in the Sky. It’s a big deal, with silent auctions, food, drink, entertainment and more auctions.

Like many things in 2020, the affair has been plagued by the coronavirus. So, to avoid any medical issues, they’ve decided to “pivot,” according to Heidi Kallenberg.

“The Shreveport Regional Arts Council has had to pivot away from Christmas in the Sky this year because we don’t want 2,500 people, our favorite people in this city – our guests – to get sick as a dog. So, we are going to change our spots,” said Kallenberg, chair of this year’s event.

The organization has created what it calls Club 365. The “Club” will feature a drawing a day in which members have a chance to win the prize of the day. Beginning Dec. 12, a winning member will be selected live on KTAL NBC 6 and receive the daily prize.

According to SRAC Executive Director Pam Atchison, the prizes for the year-long festivities will have a total value of $365,000, and a daily value of at least $365.

“We will have trips in the drawing, beautiful fine jewelry, services, restaurants. I just received from a donor a blow-out every week for a year, a case of dry shampoo and a case of hair spray. That’s an over $2,000 value, and it’s at a very well-known salon.”

The purpose of the year-long effort is to raise money for SRAC in support of its community activities in the 10 Louisiana parishes it serves. COVID-19 has forced the organization to cancel more than 20 events including the major arts in education festival, ArtBreak, along with artspace arts openings, Shreveport Common neighbor gatherings and programming for the new Caddo Common Park. According to the organization, those cancellations have added up to “dramatic losses in earned, contributed and public sector funding.”

“Keeping the arts in our city is incredibly important. Without it, our city really would not be the same. If you closed your eyes right now and woke up tomorrow and everything the Shreveport Regional Arts Council contributes to the city was gone, you’d be waking up to a very different place,” according to Kallenberg. “I’ve read a lot about communities that have strong arts and culture have higher graduation rates, better income levels for families, they tend to be safer, and those things are really important. We have to raise this money – we don’t just want to raise this money.”

Those wishing to participate in the drawings must buy a membership. Memberships will cost $365 and will go on sale in the fall.

The club membership gets an individual into the daily drawing, and each member receives 10 chances, so it’s possible to win 10 prizes during the year. Players can even purchase additional chances for $25 each, according to Kallenberg, who is very enthusiastic about the quality of the prizes.

Among them are celebrity chef dinners for up to 12 guests, trips with up to two years to travel, a new car to drive for a year, sports memorabilia, home and lawn services, even pet care.

While memberships will be available after all the prizes have been donated and placed on the calendar, sponsorships are available now, Kallenberg said.

“If you become a sponsor now, promotion begins immediately. Your sponsorship is going to be recognized throughout the year. At the downtown Common Park, and in artspace. We’re hoping to bring in a whole new group of people who’ve never participated with us before. We want them to join us in keeping this city a really bright, fabulous place.”

Sponsors receive some additional benefits for their participation, Kallenberg said. They receive additional chances to win in the daily drawing. They receive tickets to an exclusive gala for the first drawing on Dec. 12. Sponsors will be featured in the 318 Forum Magazine Catalog, containing the prize calendar which will appear in December. There are other perks for sponsors depending on sponsorship level. Interested individuals or businesses can get more information by calling the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at 318-673-6500 or going to the CLUB 365 website: JOINCLUB365.

“We have a lot of really cool opportunities to give sponsors and donors a level of marketing and press that we’ve never been able to do before,” according to Kallenberg. “You couldn’t buy the kind of advertisement that we are going to be able to provide for you at the price that your donation or your sponsorship would cost.”

The major sponsors for at press time were: Dr. Michael T. Acurio, presenting sponsor; Rose Neath & Kilpatrick Insurance; Jeffrey, D.J., and Sandi Kallenberg; Linda B. Goldsberry; Sid Potts Inc; 318 Forum Magazine; KTAL NBC 6; and Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.

“We’re hoping to bring in a whole new group of people who’ve never participated with us before. We want them to join us in keeping this city a really bright, fabulous place,” Kallenberg said. “It doesn’t cost a fortune; I think that’s important to recognize. And it’s just going to be fun, every day, every single day, fun.”


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