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Monday, Aug. 24, 2020

Fairytale Guest Bathroom

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Local home given an artistic touch.

This whimsical powder room is a mini-getaway inside this home in Shreveport’s Esplanade subdivision.

Builder John Hamilton of Hamilton Builders, LLC, constructed this subtle space with its delicate wall mural. The mural is not hand-painted, though. Instead, Hamilton says it is a customprinted wallpaper based on an artist’s painting. Chosen by interior designer Erin Mixson of Erin Mixson Interiors, this wallpaper by muralist Susan Harter of Susan Harter Muralpapers was customized to the space.

“What you get in these scenic wallpapers is something that ... gives the illusion that it is hand-painted. It’s actually one of her paintings that was digitally scaled and sized for this space in particular,” said Mixson.

The tranquil scene serves as the backdrop to the rest of the space, which also showcases an apron-front white Calacatta marble countertop with a matching backsplash. Two pieces of the stone are mitered together to create the illusion of a thick marble piece and create the apron. A brass faucet is mounted on the backsplash above an under-mount sink, and a brass towel bar adorns the apron’s face.

Gilt-iron curved candelabra-inspired wall sconces with a quartz inlay flank the mirror above the sink. Also chosen by Mixson, this ornamental illumination is dressed with quartz crystal accents that reflect the lighting in the room. Striking Terra Vecchio Isabella tile from Stafford Tile and Stone in Baton Rouge calls for attention underfoot. It is a mixed material tile composed of white marble and waxed terra cotta in varying shades of caramel. The handmade Italian tiles are cut in an undulating pattern and lend an earthy warmth to the cool-toned space.

“A powder room like this in such a small space is a great opportunity to make a really big impact,” said Mixson.


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