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Monday, July 12, 2021

Surge Entertainment


Former Saints quarterback Drew Brees Brings Family Entertainment to Bossier

For 15 years, Drew Brees gave families plenty of fun, as you watched him lead the New Orleans Saints to nine playoff appearances and their first (and only) Super Bowl win.

Now, the recently-retired quarterback and father of four children wants to give you and your family another type of fun.

by Drew Brees is coming to Bossier City. The 60,000-squarefoot entertainment “mecca” will be in Pierre Bossier Mall, possibly opening in November or December.

“We are dedicated to providing great family experiences, and I’m really excited to deliver our unique brand of entertainment to the families and residents of the greater Shreveport-Bossier City area,” Brees said. “Here at Surge Entertainment, we’re all about friends, family and fun.”

“We will have something for everyone,” said Scott Harris, Surge’s director of marketing. “When we say family, a lot of times, people just think ‘kids.’ But Drew wanted to have something for everyone. At the end of the day, he wants families to spend time together.”

Bossier-Shreveport area families will be able to “spend time together,” doing things like bowling, playing arcade games and laser tag. There will also be other “attractions,” which could include a ropes course “above the facility, where guests walk on beams and do zip lines, and swing on a trapeze.”

Harris says the bowling lanes will be “upscale,” surrounded by couches, highend score monitors, and a “cool” light show. If you want to take the experience up a level, you can rent a private VIP room, which will have “next-level furniture and bowling equipment.”

Several simulators will also let you play golf, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and some non-traditional sports.

Even though you can’t watch Brees play on TV anymore, you will be able to watch your other favorite players. Plans call for a 22-foot LED screen surrounded by giant HD screens. When you get thirsty, you can take advantage of full bar service throughout the facility.

And when you get hungry? Forget traditional bar food. Surge Prime Bistreaux will offer appetizers, salads, sandwiches, specialty pizzas and other house-made items with, as Harris says, “a Louisiana flair.”

“Drew really wanted the food to be outstanding,” Harris said. “Not just serviceable. Not just something to eat while you’re there. We’ve made a big effort in making Surge Prime Bistreaux a dining destination in itself. It’s not just wings and nachos. You can come in and get crawfish eggrolls or a premium burger. Our chef has made a fantastic menu that we will be serving.”

Surge Entertainment comprises two brands, with 14 locations (not counting Bossier) throughout the South and East. There are Adventure Parks, which are trampoline parks with an arcade. And there are Entertainment Centers, which are in Lafayette and West Monroe. Bossier will be the third Entertainment Center.

“Louisiana is very near and dear to Drew’s heart,” Scott said. “We’re going to bring this brand across the Southeast. But for now, we wanted to go to all the major areas of Louisiana, and Bossier was next. We chose that particular area because of its tightknit community, local families – we wanted to be right in the middle of where you live, work and play.”

When it comes to business, Brees is no stranger to the Shreveport- Bossier market. He is a co-owner and partner of Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux, which has one location in each city. While Surge Entertainment carries Brees’ name, it also brings his involvement.

“Drew really owns it,” Harris said. “I get emails from him constantly. Marketing initiatives, etc. He’s very involved in the operation of Surge Entertainment.”

Harris said if Brees’ schedule allows – Brees begins his television career this football season – he will be at Surge’s grand opening. If not, you can expect to see him at some point.

“He visits (the entertainment centers) whenever he’s in town,” Harris said. “We were just with him in West Monroe. He came through for an afternoon.”

“He cares a lot about them,” Harris said. “He wants them to be perceived as clean, safe, family fun, with good service. Our tag line is ‘Friends, Family and Fun,’ and that’s exactly what Drew wants to provide – an experience for families to do together.”

To learn more about Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees, you may visit www.surgefun.com.

Editor’s Note: Pictures are of attractions at Surge Entertainment’s West Monroe location. Attractions may vary the Bossier City location.


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