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Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021

Digital Media Institute Expanding


With Grant from Louisiana Economic Development

This October, BRF’s Digital Media Institute at InterTech (DMII) received a game-changing grant from Louisiana Economic Development (LED). DMII, based in Shreveport, La., is a higher education institution with a mission to deliver digital media training of the highest caliber. LED, via the Entertainment Development Fund (EDF), awarded DMII a grant of $500,000 over two years to provide workforce development programs in digital media across the state of Louisiana. With this grant, DMII plans a significant expansion of its Animation, Visual Effects, and Interactive Content (AVEI) program.

With the EDF grant, DMII will expand its digital animation and visual effects program across the state of Louisiana through future partnerships with Northwestern State University, University of New Orleans and Nunez Community College. In addition, DMII will be offering this course online. DMII courses will now be offered on campus at locations in Natchitoches, New Orleans and Chalmette, in addition to DMII’s Shreveport location.

DMII’s goal is to offer programs to people passionate about digital media and who want to learn animation, visual effects and compositing, regardless of where they call home. With LED’s grant, DMII will be able to reach more people than ever, and with fully online course options, including night classes, DMII will be transforming the skills of artists and developers across the state.

As a nationally accredited institution, the Digital Media Institute at InterTech is devoted to upholding a standard of excellence with its programs and serving the needs of its students, faculty and community. This upcoming semester, which begins Jan. 18, DMII will offer its lowest tuition rate ever. With financial aid, students can get a world-class education for a competitively priced tuition.

In addition to their intensive one-year certificate program in animation and visual effects, DMII offers two more programs: an associate degree in advertising design (digital marketing and design) and a one-year certificate in game development (interactive software development). All programs start on Jan. 18.

At DMII, students attend courses designed to prepare them for entry into a digital media career. Graduates leave DMII with a professional demo reel of their work, including 3D renderings, animated sequences and much more, to show future employers. Additionally, DMII students are offered job placement services.

The faculty at DMII is there for every step along a student’s path through their program. With teaching staff who have first-hand experience in film, animation and visual effects, students are taught the techniques used at professional studios.

DMII has faculty who have worked on films such as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Silent Hill” (executive director John Miralles), “The Expendables” (instructor Greg Nelson) and Walt Disney’s “The Wild” (executive director John Miralles and instructor Doug Stewart).

Instructor Nolan Baker developed award-winning apps at Moonbot Interactive, and with many other talented teachers, DMII’s faculty is highly qualified.

Attending the AVEI program means working diligently and consistently in 3D modeling, compositing, AR and VR, virtual production, motion capture and much more. Throughout the program, students learn the principles of design and animation, work both individually and in groups, and complete several fully functioning animation projects. Students are encouraged to let their creativity shine through the wide variety of assignments focused on developing the most sought-after skills in the digital media industry.

Alumni from the AVEI program at DMII have found careers in product design, video asset management, television floor directing, visual effects and much more. DMII’s students who are eager to learn, passionate about digital media (whether it’s video games, animation, film or something else), and want to both develop and design are the students who find great success with DMII’s programs.

With a new semester beginning Jan. 18, right now is the perfect time to apply to one of DMII’s programs and start your journey toward the career of your dreams. With their state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified instructors, dedication to excellence and history of students finding success post-graduation, the Digital Media Institute at InterTech remains one of the best choices for people looking to master the skills needed for a job in digital media.

Please find out more about DMII’s programs and the enrollment process on their website, DMII.edu, and book a tour (virtual or in-person) today to talk to their staff and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech is a division of BRF.

Maxey McSwain is a recent English graduate from NSU and multidiscipline artist/writer who uses her myriad skills to shake things up wherever she goes.


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