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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Sam Cooke Story by Winston Hall

Kudos to Forum for this story. I'm sure many readers were familiar with it before, but I was not. A great example of God using bad for good! If Shreveport, as a whole, would use this, as well as the stories of Rev. Calvin Austin, Dr. C. O. Simpkins, Rev. Harry Blake, and many others, as an engine for real change, it would have been worth their pain and sacrifices.

– John Robinson, State District Judge (Retired)

A Change is Gonna Come

Great article on Sam Cooke. I invite Winston or paper to review the screenplay "Aretha," which highlights Sam Cooke as Ms. Franklin's love interest. I have a director and co-director awaiting financing. According to observers, the screenplay "Aretha" is a monster. I am a graduate of Howard University, Southern University and Airline High School.

– David Louis Whitehead

story link: bit.ly/30nIFOT

Opinions of Mr. Avallone

"When you pick up a Forum," said Covington, "I want you to be happy. I want you to feel like there's good news in the community.” (quote from 11/10/2020 KTBS online report).

Mr. Covington,

Almost every page achieves your goal. But one page is a deep disappointment again and again.

Every time I read the "Opinion" column of Louis R. Avallone, I am appalled that you chose a narrow-minded, simplistic finger-pointer to offer the only regular political opinion column. Shreveport is a vibrant community, but you are showcasing the South's worst attributes in his columns.

How about leaving out the politics, or searching out intelligent, thoughtful viewpoints on the complex social and political issues that face our community. Shreveport has many compassionate citizens who are dedicating their energy and talent to making Shreveport the best place it can be. How about inviting their energy and hope to your paper instead?

– Sarah Boswell

Editor's Note:

We strive to include a balance in our opinion and political reporting, but unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to get people willing to attach their names to their opinions. We are always open for submissions or potential ongoing columns. Please contact me at jay@318forum.com if you are interested in submitting an opinion piece. We value all of our readers. Thank you for reaching out.

– Jay Covington, Publisher and Editor

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