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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Letters to the Editor:

(Dear Editor,)

I read your paper every two weeks when it comes out. I enjoy the articles covering the area – new businesses coming in, Liz Swaine’s updates on all things downtown Shreveport and the cultural scene. I even work the Sudoku (a suggestion, perhaps make the crossword clues font a little smaller & the puzzles a little larger – it’s very difficult to write that small!).

One thing I don’t enjoy, and in fact, manage to quickly turn the page every time, is Louis Avallone’s opinions. I agree with your reader, Sarah Boswell, that unless there is also a regular counter-point column, I don’t find them a plus for your publication. His “opinions” aren’t unique to him but can be heard all day every day on certain TV and radio “news” stations should one care to be angry all the time. I prefer not to be. But again, I know to just turn the page!

– S. Snyder


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