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Sunday, July 31, 2022

4 Must-Haves For Your Campus Living Checklist


If you’re headed to campus in the fall, summertime means planning, packing and collaborating on your living space for the school year ahead. Whether you’re moving into a first-year dorm on campus or sharing an apartment or house with your closest friends, making sure you have what you need ahead of time is key. Home discount retailer, Big Lots, has created a campus living checklist for everything you need to stock up on so you can save your brainpower for more important things.

1) Furniture – Think outside the “dorm”

If you’ve ever slept on a mattress away from your home, you know that there’s none quite like your own. Bringing a mattress of your choice to campus is a game-changer that will help you maximize those coveted college naps. If you’re in an apartment, you’ll also need to be sure to bring a bed frame, a desk and desk chair, couches, tables, small appliances and more. And if you’re in a dorm, loft your bed and put a nice comfy futon or chair below it for lounging.

2) Decor – Let your personality shine through

To really make your dorm room or apartment space feel like home, you must liven it up with decor! Some fun lighting is a fundamental way to set the study mood, and comfy throw pillows help soften up the space. Throw rugs keep your feet off the cold, sometimes industrialstyle floors and can also serve as an accent piece. Framed photos and wooden signs show off your personality in a variety of ways and a colorful bedding set can pull it all together. Hot decor styles for 2022 include soothing pastels and colorful floral patterns.

3) Cleaning and storage essentials – A little organization goes a long way

Parents know that unless they send their kids to school with cleaning and organization products, it’s not going to happen on its own. The best way to make cleaning convenient is to build a cleaning caddy by filling a basket with disinfectant cleaners, sponges, gloves, spray bottles and more to place under a sink for easy access. When it comes to organization, you’ll want to find storage containers that fit into your decor theme so they blend in as they hold all your odds and ends neatly under the bed. And don’t forget to add a live or faux plant to make the space feel more like home.

4) Snacks and drinks – School fuel is essential to avoid running on empty

What’s a college dorm room without a plethora of snacks? Grab one of those aforementioned storage containers and keep all your favorite candy, chips, trail mix and shelf-stable meals like mac ‘n’ cheese within arm’s reach. You’ll also want to keep your mini-fridge stocked with water and caffeinated drinks to fuel the all-nighters on the horizon. Maybe mom will also send a special care package of your favorite treats from home!

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all the items you’ll need to head to campus at some of the lowest prices anywhere, Big Lots has it all. Shop in-store and take it home today or shop online at biglots. com. (BPT)


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