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Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022

Five tips for getting your home feeling refreshed and cozy for fall


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As autumn gets underway, leaves change colors, temperatures cool down and days get shorter. During this time of change, your home and wardrobe go through a transition as well. This is the time of year you get sweaters and jackets out of storage bins or the back of your closet, and blankets come out to warm up beds and provide comfy spots on your favorite pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, if you don’t take steps to freshen up your garments and fabrics, your home may end up feeling more stuffy than cozy, and create more sneezing than cuddling.

Here are tips to help refresh your home, so you can better enjoy everything the season has to offer.

1. Air out items that were in storage.

From winter coats to blankets, any items that have been stored for several months are bound to smell musty. Take garments and other items out of storage well ahead of when you want to use them to wash them, if possible, then air them out – then assess what shape they’re in before using them.

2. Consider a steam closet to refresh garments, blankets and more.

To refresh musty, wrinkled items from everyday clothes and your best suits to winter coats to hard-to-wash items like blankets, pillows and more, the LG Styler ® – makes everyday laundry more streamlined and hassle-free. LG Styler uses TrueSteam technology to sanitize, deodorize and refresh your wardrobe and other items so everything’s ready to use or wear. You can quickly dry sweaters that need to be laid flat or refresh delicate textiles to avoid over-washing. Use LG’s Exclusive Moving Hangers to gently shake things off to refresh jackets, dresses and other items. You can even use it to sanitize bags, pillows and stuffed toys.

With no need for complicated hookups, the versatile LG Styler is easy to install not just in laundry rooms but any space: dressing rooms, closets, mudrooms or pantries. Wherever it fits in your home, the LG Styler makes freshening up items every day even more effortless.

Even better, LG ThinQ™‚ smart capabilities also give users the freedom to remotely turn the LG Styler on and off, select and start the cleaning cycle, check remaining cycle time, download additional cycles and get recommendations on the best cycle for particular pieces of clothing. The app also offers additional specialty cycle settings – even for sports equipment.

3. Be allergy conscious.

It’s not recommended to air bedding, clothing and other items outdoors if someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, or you’ll just be bringing all that fall pollen indoors. That’s another advantage of using LG Styler to refresh and sanitize everything from bedding and pillows to clothing and stuffed animals, as it is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) for reducing 99.9% of the allergens, germs and bacteria from multiple fabrics. Once you’ve refreshed your items, bring on the seasonal throw blankets and decorative pillows to create cozy spaces to hang out, read or play games during long autumn evenings.

4. Give floors a deep clean.

Before the colder temperatures of winter set in, it’s a great time to do a deep clean of your home’s flooring, including having any large area rugs sent out for cleaning. If you don’t have the equipment to thoroughly clean any carpeted areas, you could consider hiring a cleaning service for a good fall cleaning.

One great option to help clean your floors is the LG CordZero™‚ All in One Auto Empty Cordless Stick VacuumEndFragment. It not only tackles tough jobs, but makes the job easier by charging, storing tools and automatically emptying the dust bin in one sleek docking station.

5. Shed a little light on the subject.

As days get shorter, there are things you can do to make your home brighter and more cheerful. For example, have your fireplace cleaned and maintained so you can use it as a warm focal point, and upgrade a few lighting options – even your choice of bulb makes a difference – to keep darkness at bay. If you’re up for a project, consider repainting a dark room in a brighter color, or swap out heavy window treatmentså with lighter, more translucent options that let more natural light in, to help make the most of daylight hours.

With these tips, you can be sure everything will feel fresh and clean, from the clothes you wear to your bedding and all the decorative touches that make your home comfy and cozy.


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