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Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022

Helping Hands No Jive


Turkey Fry Guys make it sizzle for Gingerbread House

He asked the question, knowing the answer.

“Who’s going to take on the challenge of frying 500 turkeys in one day?”

Corey Craft – that’s who. Well, Corey and 40 to 50 others.

The Turkey Fry Guys, as they are known, will be frying 500 turkeys Saturday, Nov. 19 (the Saturday before Thanksgiving), in the parking lot of House and Carpets and Lighting (4344 Youree Drive).

You can buy one turkey – or more – and know the money raised will go to Shreveport’s Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center.

“We wanted to keep it local, instead of money going out of town to other organizations,” Craft said.

You must pre-order your 12- to 14-pound turkey, which is $70. If you buy two turkeys, the cost is discounted to $125. Four turkeys will go for $250. Eight turkeys will cost you $500.

“You can buy a turkey or two for yourself and tell us who you would like the other ones to be donated to, and we’ll be glad to get it to them on your behalf,” Craft said. “Or you can take it to them yourself.”

Your turkey will come with instructions on how to store it until you are ready to eat Thanksgiving day.

A story by CNBC.com reported the cost of turkeys is 75% higher than last year – if you can find one. Bird flu – which normally hits during colder months – was diagnosed last July. More than 47 million birds have been affected, which has resulted in a nationwide turkey shortage.

However, the Turkey Fry Guys secured their turkeys – “at a very, very, very discounted price” from Piggly Wiggly – last December.

“I’m getting calls from people in the community who have restaurants,” Craft said. “Their mind is blown. They’re asking how in the world do I have 500 turkeys, when they can’t hardly get 50. These are big restaurant chains and local restaurant owners.”

The night (Friday, Nov. 18) before the turkey fry, the Turkey Fry Guys are hosting “The Gobble Wobble,” a dinner/silent auction fundraiser for Gingerbread House. From 7-11 p.m. at 601 Spring Event Center, you can enjoy seafood donated by the state of Louisiana, dance to music, and bid on autographed sports memorabilia and other items. Tickets are $75.

Choosing Gingerbread House as recipient of the two events was largely because of what Craft’s wife was exposed to while serving six months on a grand jury.

“She was really shaken by a couple of cases she heard,” Corey said, “cases of children who have been hurt, tortured and sexually abused in our community, to the point she had to seek therapy for it.”

The Gingerbread House dedicates its efforts to reducing the trauma experienced by child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse, including child sex trafficking.

To reserve your turkey or to buy your ticket to the Friday event, you may visit www.turkeyfryguys.com.


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