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Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023

Savage Moments


Come fill up your tankard!

I have a mug that actually verifies that “ I’m the world’s best dad. That’s a mug. That’s not me talking. You can’t just buy those.” – Stephen Colbert

Whether you’re the world’s best dad or Stephen Colbert, your mugs may be waiting for you at The Noble Savage in downtown Shreveport.

When new owner Liz Walkoviak took over the familiar downtown nightspot, she inherited almost 1,200 tankards patrons of the club had customized since the 1990s.

Walkoviak said she wanted to make sure those tankards were preserved. “About 820 tankards had survived the remodel. Being a sentimental person myself, and an old time Noble Savage customer, they mean a lot. They mean a lot to people. So, I made sure to take extra good care, keeping them organized so when people came to collect them, they would be here.”

To rescue the tankards from a dusty demise, she began an anonymous happy hour during which people could come and borrow one of the personalized tankards.

For one happy hour, they could become “The Boss” or the like. You just go in there, pick out a mug, and that’s your persona for the day. “Be who you want to be,” she said.

Walkoviak hopes that will spark interest in people reclaiming their tankards. “They belong to y’all. Please come get them.”

And if you don’t have a personalized tankard in the collection, don’t worry. They are still making and selling them for new “savages” to enjoy.


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