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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Perfect Honeymoon


Vacation destinations offer a unique experience

On the list of things to do when planning a wedding, close to the top is where to go for the honeymoon. Naturally, there are many things to consider: how much you can spend, what you want to do, what you need to know — especially if you’ve never planned a honeymoon.

Fortunately, some professionals, like Expedia Cruises in Shreveport, can help you find the answers. The company offers various services besides cruises, and they shared some of their expertise with 318Forum.

Their website says that choice and flexibility are more important than ever in planning excursions. The company offers advice on packages like all-inclusive resorts with a single price for their services, coach and rail tours, other vacation destinations like homes and villas, flight scheduling, excursions, and even travel insurance.

Back to honeymoons, though. According to Elton Richey, many people in this area opt for trips to the Caribbean, but there are many destinations to choose from. He breaks down honeymoons into two categories: all-inclusive and destination. Destinations might include places like Jamaica, Cancun, Cozumel or any Caribbean islands along the Mexican coast.

According to Richey, all-inclusive resort options are a one-stop shop for the happy couple because the entire package comes at one set price. “You have a nice honeymoon suite, and there’s plenty to do at the resort, lots of water-based activities, romantic things like dinners on the beach or a sunset catamaran cruise. And, of course, it’s at a beautiful resort where you can relax and spend time focusing on one another.”

The other option is the destination wedding. Richey said the possibilities for a destination where a couple can tie the knot are virtually limitless. He said the Caribbean is also a popular target for this group. He said what sets the destination wedding apart is what attendees can get out of it.

“A destination wedding, the line I like to tell people, and I really believe this to be true, [it’s] a gift to the people who attend the wedding. The wedding is not just about the couple, it’s about the experience that the people who attend the wedding get to have in a beautiful location like the Grand Canyon or a Caribbean Island or an Italian winery in Tuscany. The focus is not so much on the couple – although it is – the people get to have a joyful experience that they probably wouldn’t have had.”

Richey said anybody could afford to plan an all-inclusive or a destination wedding and fit those plans into almost any budget. “You might not have as big a wedding, because some people won’t spend the money for a destination wedding, but the people who matter the most will be there. And those are the people who will support that couple for the rest of their lives.”

And there’s a third option his company can assist travelers with: the cruise wedding.

“On a ship, you can get married at sea. And, again, it’s sort of like an allinclusive resort because it comes with a vacation for the people who go with you on the cruise. Some people will have children with them, and some will be older, so you’ll have a multi-generational group. A cruise ship is a great place to do that because there’s something for everybody. You don’t have to plan any activities for any of them because there’s always something for them to do.

“And the ship takes care of all the planning for you. You don’t have to hire a separate wedding planner.”

That last factor is something Richey stressed is a benefit of working with a travel advisor like his company. “There are some advantages to doing either a honeymoon or a destination wedding with us because we have the planners at the resorts and on the cruise ships. We work with them directly.”

If a wedding is in your future, Richey says travel is an option to consider. “Travel is a wonderful gift and a great experience. What you’re giving them is an experience that’s more than just being a spectator at a wedding.”


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