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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Maggio Family Timeline


• Sam Maggio served in World War I for Italy.

• 1919 – Sam Maggio sails to America.

• Sam Maggio meets Mary Macaluso and gets married.

• 1923 – Sam and Mary Maggio open Maggio Grocery.

• Sam and Mary Maggio have three sons: Vincent (Vince), Joe and Charlie Maggio.

• Charlie and Sara have six children, one being Vince Maggio.

• Uncle Joe and Dad Charlie take over Maggio Grocery.

• 1982 – Vince meets and marries Sharon Peters.

• 1985 – Vince and Sharon Maggio take over Maggio Grocery.

• Vince and Sharon Maggio have two beautiful daughters.

• 2021 Vince is elected Bossier City Councilman.

• 2021 – Vince and his good friend, Pastor Mark Rodie, start Cumberland Farms.

• 2023 – Maggio Grocery makes it to 100 years.


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