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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Where To Store It All


Get more out of the outdoors by putting away all that stuff.

Creating and maintaining usable and enjoyable living spaces outside often means accumulating all kinds of gardening supplies, pool accessories and outdoor dining tools, among other things. Keep it all tidy and tucked away with these fun and functional storage options.


Get more out of your shed by hanging a show rack on the door for smaller tools and other things needed around the lawn and garden, like clippers or gloves. Hooked items can be stored on one of the sidewalls by installing a traditional bathroom towel bar. Repurpose a now-unused baby’s changing table or an old hutch for use as a potting bench.

Attach a pegboard to the wall of the shed or your garage to create a quick and easy organizational hub. Customize it with baskets, shelves and hooks to store away anything you need for outdoor gatherings or gardening tasks. Place a rolling basket or cart nearby to transport everything.


Mount shelves in your garden shed for clean towels. Plastic stackable storage bins are a great option if you need to round up floaties, pool toys, diving rings and other small items. Pool noodles and skimmers can be tucked away in a wood pallet after it’s been turned on the side. Install coat hooks on the front to dry bathing suits and towels, and to store masks and goggles. For larger pool rings, place shorter flag poles beside the shed.


Convert a storage cabinet or hutch into a serving station or bar. The lower shelves or drawers can be used for storage, or remove several of them to create space for a cooler or small refrigerator. Stemware can be hung from a rack at the top. Those who are more adept at woodworking can create more elaborate things like a hanging bar with wood pallets.


Newer outdoor furniture options often have modern storage features, so be on the lookout. Other existing items like beverage carts or raised garden planters can also be updated to help keep your space tidy and neat. A small, unused bookcase can be turned into a bench by turning it on the side and adding a cushion.


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