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Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023

Charlotte’s Classy Closet


Inspiration leads to new boutique

When asked, Charlotte Huston didn’t hesitate to answer.

She is a woman of faith.

And it’s that faith that Huston credits for – this past May – opening her own women’s boutique.

“I’ve always loved retail. I’ve always loved women’s clothes. I never dreamed I would have my own business, but God just put it in my heart. He made everything work out. Now, I’m able to help women and do what I love and own my own business.”

Charlotte’s Classy Closet, at 2801 Northside Drive, Suite 2, in Bossier City, isn’t your typical boutique. Nor did Huston want a typical boutique.

“There’s not a market here for women who are over 30, that are not a one-size, and who are not flawless. I just decided – and God dropped it in my heart – that I could do this. I could open my own (boutique), and here I am.”

Even though Huston spent her younger years working in retail, she didn’t necessarily dream of owning her own clothing store. But eventually, the seed was planted.

“I had a lot of friends who went to the boutiques in town, and they would say, ‘I go in there, and it’s all for 16- and 17-year-olds, and they’re all one size. And the prices are very high.’ I said, ‘Wow.’ I had never really gone out and been a boutique-shopping person. I love retail, but I started going into the boutiques here and realized, ‘Wow, I think I can do better.’”

But the process from idea to opening was not quick. Huston became frustrated but not defeated.

Again, she relied on her faith. “I waited and waited. I persevered and never gave up. That was hard. But I never gave up and I just had a peace that God has his right timing. And sure enough, if I had gotten my loan even one week before I got it, I would not be in the location I’m at. And I’m at the location that is so perfect for this business. I’m surrounded by other businesses to which women are already going. That has tremendously helped me increase my sales.

It’s all just been a beautiful display of God’s timing.”

Just before opened, Huston went to market in Dallas to buy inventory. Now, she uses an app that shows her items from a variety of vendors items Huston considers when deciding what to put in her store.

“I’m thinking about tops and dresses and cardigans with sleeves. A lot of the ladies want a little bit of sleeve. They maybe have a little bit of weight on them. The flared bell sleeves are very popular, and they are very flattering.”

And when it comes to colors, Huston knows what her customers want.

“Pinks. Vibrant colors. Women just love that – the pinks, the royal blues … the bright colors are very, very in. And unique things – I’ve got things you just can’t find anywhere else. They’re very unique. They’re very fashionable.”

Just because Huston is now a business owner, she isn’t giving up the on-stage thrill of being the lead singer in her band (Charlotte’s Web Band). Now, however, she gets to experience another kind of thrill.

“Without trying to sound vain, somebody can walk in here, and I can make them look better than when they came in. I just know how to do it. I have the knowledge from years of experience.”

And years of faith. To learn more about Charlotte’s Classy Closet, you may visit Facebook and search for: Charlotte’s Classy Closet Boutique.


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