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Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023

Fall Nights and Carnival Lights


The State Fair of Louisiana will run Oct. 26 through Nov. 12.

State Fair of Louisiana Lights Up the Midway

The State Fair of Louisiana is right around the corner, and in addition to the features that have become expected, there are some new twists and new rules for eager fairgoers.

Russell Adams of the State Fair of Louisiana marketing department is promoting the 117th edition of the annual fall event.

“Opening day is Oct. 26 through Nov. 12. A hundred and seventeen years of doing fairs puts things in perspective. One hundred and thirty years after our nation’s founding, or 41 years after the Civil War ended, is when the Fair started. It has come to be more of an institution in this area. It’s got a big economic impact. The last study that was done said we produced about $24 million to this local economy annually.”

The Junior Livestock Show returns, with youngsters from all over showing their prized animals. Adams said the proceeds from the auction generate about a half million dollars for the young animal experts.

The Louisiana Rodeo and Cowboys Association will cap off their season with what Adams described as the Super Bowl of Rodeo, with $300,000 in cash and prizes at stake. “They take in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, even cowboys from Florida and Oklahoma,” Adams said. “They do all these smalltown rodeos all over, and they build up points. Then the riders, the top 10 or 12, in the categories will qualify to come to the State Fair, which is the finals.”

You can go online to see more on these and the other attractions that have been lined up for the 18-day run of the State Fair on the Internet at www.statefairoflouisiana.com; Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheStateFairofLouisiana; Twitter at: https://twitter.com/LAStateFair; and on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/officialstatefairoflouisiana.

Gate admission is slightly higher this year, $15, but parking is now free for the entire run of the Fair. Opening Day is $2 Day with gate admission and all rides for $2, according to Adams. “On weekdays, we’re free until 3 p.m. Thursdays is a Friend’s Day, two-for-one admission.

We’re doing a child’s ticket, which is a first. Age 3 to 12 used to be full price. This year, it’s going to be $8. You can buy tickets and save $10 on the POP (Pay One Price), which is the gate and the ride arm band. Admission will be $10 if you buy them in advance at participating Brookshire’s and Super 1 Foods.”

Veterans and Military Appreciation days will be Sunday, Nov. 12.

The helicopter rides are back again this year, and there are plenty of free attractions for the budget-minded:

The State Fair Zoo, Circus Hollywood, Hollywood Racing Pigs, Reptile Show, the Wild World of Animals Show, Belmont World of Magic Show, Paul Bunyan Lumberjacks Show, and the All-American High Dive Show.

Free concerts include Cody Cooke and the Bayou Outlaws, Crystal Thomas, Bob Robb, HARK Festival, Shayliff, Boomtown Saints, Anxious, Bad Moon Rising, Leif Shively, LVVRS, T. Lyons, D. Riggs, T. Rachal, Jeter Jones and the Perfect Blend Band, and the Gospel Mega Fest.

Another new feature this year is a heightened security presence. “We’ve beefed up our Shreveport Police presence out here this year. There are going to be a lot more surveillance cameras on the Fairgrounds. There are going to be four private security companies. There will be uniformed personnel checking bags and things like that. Medically necessary items are OK. Any bag that comes through here is subject to inspection, even diaper bags. And if you bring a diaper bag, you have to bring a baby with it,” Adams warned. Complete information on security do’s and don’ts is also online.

Putting all this together is a personal mission for Adams and his cohorts. “It’s an honor for me to be a part of this. I grew up here in Shreveport. I was raised in the Queensboro area, and then we moved to Lakeshore Drive. I graduated from Fair Park right across the street from where I work. It’s kind of wild.”

There’s more to see than can fit on this page, so go check out the websites for all the latest information. As they say, it’s your fair, so be there.

Free Concerts & Entertainment

* Free Concerts with your gate admission to the State Fair of Louisiana.

Oct. 27: Cody Cooke & The Bayou Outlaws
Oct. 28: Crystal Thomas Bigg Robb Show
Oct. 29: Latino Day
Nov. 1: HARK Festival (Play)
Nov. 3: Shayliff
Nov. 4: Boomtown Saints CJ Solar
Nov. 5: Anxious Kandu Bad Moon Rising Leif Shively
Nov. 8: HARK backup day
Nov. 10: LVVRS
Nov. 11: T. Lyons D. Riggs T. Rachal Jeter Jones & The Perfect Blend Band
Nov. 12: Gospel Mega Fest


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