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Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024

‘Pasture Prime’


“Pasture Prime” is a movie with an East Texas flavor.

Sundance Film Festival to show movie starring a local couple

Susan and Patrick Kirton have been familiar faces on the local theatrical scene for years. More recently, they have ventured into the world of movies, even producing a film that received the Louisiana Film Prize recognition.

Now, in a film in which they both appear as actors, the couple has headed to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, through Jan. 28 to compete against their peers, make new industry connections, and geek out on the stars gathered for the 40th Anniversary of the fest.

“This is our first year to go to film festivals because of our film, ‘Credit’,” Susan Kirton said. “That has been the most eye-opening experience. Not only do we get to commune with other people who make films for a living, but you expand your network of people who you know and who are good, who do this kind of work, too.”

Patrick Kirton added, “It’s fun to see the different styles of films, too. To see your film stacked up against all the other films.”

Their entry, “Pasture Prime,” is directed by Diffan Norman. “The end of the film is a headscratcher,” Susan said, “and it’s intentionally made that way. Diffan’s films are deeply entrenched in mysticism. He’s amazing. He’s really fun at putting these eye-popping images together.

Patrick Kirton in “Pasture Prime.”

Patrick said, “This film is basically about an older woman who meets a younger man in Cowboy Church, I’m the younger man – believe it or not – she’s always been in love with the Marlboro man.”

Susan added, “She forms an obsessive attraction to him,” which Patrick described as kind of creepy and Susan summed up as inappropriate.

Also in the picture are local actor Chris Evans and Dallas actor and teacher Gail Cronauer.

The film was written by Norman’s wife, Carolyn Purnell. The writer and director live in Marshall, and according to the Kirtons, they wanted to keep that East Texas flavor.

Susan explained, “[Norman and Purnell] met while they were in college, and they moved to Marshall to be closer to [Purnell’s] family. [Norman] wanted to do a film that felt very ‘Marshall,’ but also had his spin on it. A lot of the films he makes have mystical, supernatural elements in them.”

“We went over to Marshall for three days in the hottest days of the summer,” Patrick said. “We shot in this farm and a boarding house. It turned out really good. Then [Norman] calls us a couple of months ago and says, you’ll never believe. We got into Sundance. So, they’re freaking out, we’re freaking out, so we’re all going to Sundance.

“Sundance has always been one of those bucket list things because it’s such a huge industry film festival. And the fact that we’re both in a film that’s going to be showing there is just blowing our minds.”

Diffan Norman directs Susan Kirton and another actor.


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