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Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024

Washed in Vibrations


Elizabeth Pattillo with some of the sound bowls that produce the soothing tones.

Sound bath experience relaxes, reduces stress

Imagine lying down with your favorite pillow and blanket, eyes closed, lights dim, the world shut away for a while, and the most beautiful calming music washing over you, enveloping you in complete relaxation. You can feel the vibrations in every sense of your being. This is the experience Elizabeth Pattillo offers with her sound bath therapy.

Elizabeth started along this path when she was introduced to singing bowls. She immediately fell in love with them. She bought her own set and started a journey of practice and research, taking classes online with Tom Llewellyn of Soul Remember. “Tom really helped me understand the dynamic in vibration and the positive effects it can have on the body,” she recounts.

Elizabeth offers classes far and wide, traveling to yoga studios, private groups, businesses and more to spread this therapy she is passionate about. “I love the way I can feel the energy in the room immediately shift when I start playing. In group settings, I can feel the room take a collective deep breath, and for the moments that follow, there is a stillness and calm that radiates in the space. I can sense tension leaving and people expanding their hearts. I love getting to facilitate that sort of peace.”

Sessions begin with gentle movements and meditations to help the body relax.

The sessions last about 90 minutes, can happen indoors or out, including in various settings, and typically begin with an opening meditation, followed by gentle movement to help the body relax. “Once we settle,” Elizabeth says, “I begin to play — letting the energy of the room guide what I play and when, setting the intention of connecting to the part of ourselves that is not our body.

“Sound baths have the ability to lower stress levels, decrease high blood pressure, improve sleep and invite deep states of awareness. Not only do the sound waves have an impact on our physical body, but they also have a tremendous impact on our mental state. When the mind settles, we’re able to tap into profound experiences within ourselves that are normally inaccessible because of the everyday stresses of life.”

To schedule a private or group session, contact Elizabeth Pattillo at pattilloe@gmail.com.


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