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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The latest styles for groomsmen


If you’ve recently popped the question or are a close friend of someone who has, eventually, you’re going to need to think about wedding day attire and matching formalwear for the groom, best man, and groomsmen. The experts agree that the latter bunch needs to be considered carefully, as what they wear will make as important a statement as the future husband they’re surrounding.

“The groomsmen’s attire is a significant element of the wedding aesthetic. It’s not just about complementing the groom – it’s about creating a cohesive visual story,” says David Linn, a wedding photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas. “The color, theme, and style must resonate with the wedding theme, ensuring a seamless and picturesque look and photos that would be cherished for a lifetime.”

Choosing either a suit or tuxedo for your groomsmen will come down to preference, as both are acceptable in modern weddings.

“But in the spirit of complementing the bride and groom, you should not have your groomsmen wearing tuxedos if the groom himself is not,” suggests Jason Sarai, founder and creative director at Sarai Bespoke, a boutique lifestyle brand that creates luxury custom garments.

Sarai’s first rule of thumb? Make sure the groomsmen’s garments will not clash in any way with the couple tying the knot.

“Avoid any designs, colors, or looks that will draw attention away from the bride and groom,” he adds.

The groom should always ponder the wedding venue, time of day, and overall theme, as it’s important to avoid styles that clash with these elements.

“For instance, a formal black tuxedo might not suit a beach wedding,” cautions Linn. “Comfort should also be a priority. Groomsmen should feel at ease to fully enjoy and participate in the festivities.”

Per Linn, popular trends today include:

Classic reimagined, incorporating timeless black tuxedos with a modern twist: slimfit, velvet jackets, or unique lapel designs.

“Accessories like sleek black ties and patent leather shoes would complement this look.”

Earthy and relaxed, which implements earth tones – ideal for more informal weddings. Think beige or light gray suits paired with pastel ties or bowties to create a soft, approachable look. Brown leather shoes and simple boutonnieres complement this aesthetic.

Bold and vibrant. Case in point: burgundy or royal blue suits paired with contrasting ties or pocket squares. “This look is paired well with bold cufflinks and polished dress shoes.”

Daniel Mofor, founder and lead designer with Don Morphy, a custom suiting and tuxedo brand, can vouch for the vibrant color trend.

“Bold suits in electric blue, sunset orange, or pastels are being tailored for a standout look nowadays. Also, monochrome chic is in vogue, with groomsmen using shades of gray, navy, or black that focus on simplicity and elegance,” he says.

Kari Bjorn, a wedding photographer in Fayetteville, Arkansas, says he saw her share of black and white weddings in 2023, more so than in previous years – a trend he predicts will continue in 2024 and beyond.

“A slim-fit black suit with a white shirt, skinny black tie, and black shoes with a green/white boutonniere remains popular,” explains Bjorn. “More color is also being represented in 2024, such as a deep red suit with a cream color shirt, brown leather derbies, a white and green boutonniere, and a deep red tie.”

Another drift Bjorn observed this past year was a lapel floral arrangement that runs down the lapel of the suit jacket instead of a traditional boutonniere.

“For this look, it’s best to use a slim lightgray suit to accent the florals, with a white shirt, a light-gray slim tie, simple black oxfords, and greens and pinks as the main colors in the lapel floral arrangement,” she adds.

Give careful thought to other accessories, too.

“For the classic look, cufflinks and a sleek watch are essential. A pocket square adds a touch of elegance, as well,” Linn says. “With an earthy style, a leather belt and a simple rustic boutonniere match well. When wearing bold suits, colorful socks in a statement tie bar can add personality.”

Groomsmen can expect to shell out between $150 and $300 and up on a suit/tuxedo rental in 2024. Remember that rentals must be returned in good condition the day after the wedding.


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