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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Wedding dress styles for 2024


See these 7 trends going down the aisle this year

Wedding dress trends change year after year, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s currently “in” and “out” in the wedding couture world.

While the silhouettes of bridal gowns and general styles don’t typically change much year after year, the gowns’ details, fabric, and materials are what we watch for when considering trends.

In 2023, design trends like floral accents, billowing, dramatic sleeves, off-the-shoulder styles, vintage and beaded embellishments, silk slips, and tiered skirts had a moment.

2023 was a year of taking traditional wedding gown styles and adding slight embellishments or design accent pieces to bring them to a new level.

In recent years, minimalist yet elegant gown designs and bold, colorful dresses have had their moments to shine in the spotlight. While these two styles are on opposite ends of the spectrum, many brides could fall into one of the two categories.

Keep in mind that we use the term “bride” as a general statement. These trends and any wedding couture trends apply to folks of any gender who are getting married.

Vogue reported on upcoming 2024 wedding dress trends as seen at New York Bridal Fashion Week in October 2023.

“Brides will be wearing bold colors and shapes and may even experiment with non-traditional wedding looks like pantsuits and capes.”

– Vogue Magazine, Oct. 2023

According to their findings, 2024 wedding dress trends will push the envelope more than we’ve seen in recent years for bridal fashion. Brides will be wearing bold colors and shapes and may even experiment with nontraditional wedding looks like pantsuits and capes.

Here are 7 exciting wedding dress trends we can look forward to seeing in 2024:

Floral details

Floral details are accents we’ve seen in the wedding industry for a few years now, but they aren’t going anywhere in 2024. These timeless additions to wedding gowns make them pop and stand out and are especially beautiful in the spring and summer months.

Many brides also choose to coordinate the floral details of their wedding dress with their actual wedding florals for some extra flair.

Gender neutral capes

Gender-neutral capes are in for not only brides but also anyone who is getting married. These capes can be structured and added to a wedding dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit for a bold, dramatic look or can be a dainty and elegant accent to a traditional wedding gown.


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