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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How to keep wedding flowers fresh during high temperatures


Many betrothed couples prefer to set their matrimonial date in the summertime or when warmer weather is expected. While that can likely ensure more comfort for the wedding party and guests, higher temperatures can often make it more challenging to successfully celebrate and stage your nuptials, mainly if your ceremony or reception occurs outdoors. That’s certainly true regarding wedding flowers, including the bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid corsages, decorative wreaths, and various floral arrangements.

“Weather is no stranger to flowers, just like people. Flowers do well, but they can also fail, particularly in hotter temperatures,” says Tom Su, a renowned horticulturalists and garden/landscaping expert. “You want flowers that will not wilt until the last dance.”

Wedding planner and florist Amy McCord Jones, CEO of Flower Moxie, agrees.

“Factoring in temperatures is crucial, especially considering the high cost of flowers and hiring a florist. The investment in floral arrangements becomes irreplaceable on your wedding day, making it essential to choose blooms that can endure higher temperatures,” she says.

“Even if you are within an air-conditioned venue, external weather should be considered carefully, particularly in scorching temperatures.”

Popular wedding flower choices remain romantic roses, showstopping peonies, crowdpleasing hydrangeas, colorful carnations, and beautiful buttercups. However, not all these species are hardy enough to withstand high heat, humidity and direct sunlight for hours on end, and some are less available during certain times of the year.

“For example, peonies are a beautiful and classic choice, but their season doesn’t last long – making them harder to find after June,” says Kevin Fraser, CEO/founder of Party Nuptial, an event planning platform.

If you think your bid day flowers will be subjected to higher temps, including exposure to hours of sunlight, it’s best to plan your floral species carefully.

“There’s nothing as beautiful as a flower with that kind of heat-bread toughness ideal for hotter days,” Su adds. “That’s why I would choose sunflowers. They not only boast good resistance to heat – they actually move with the sun and possess bright-looking and happy faces capable of handling public glare, which is appropriate for sunny outdoor weddings.”

Su is also a fan of zinnias, which are available in many bright shades and known to do well with heat, along with dahlias, another sturdy species that come in various colors and size choices.

“Also, orchids have a tropical soul.

Heat will not affect them, as they are originally from warm climatic zones. Plus, orchids add variety, offering a and outlandish, eccentric floral arrangements for a funky summer vibe.

Timeless spring color palettes

Setting 2024 wedding color palette trends aside, many timeless spring and summer colors should not be overlooked.

Pastel colors like blues, purples, pinks and whites look beautiful together. Or go with earthy neutrals like shades of beige and cream and romantic pops of colors like pink or orange.

Pops of dark green against pink and orange tones always set some beautiful contrast. Dusty blue mixed with other light and darker blue tones is also a classic color combination.

Mint green and ivory is a timeless color combination, as well as baby pink and lilac, blush pink and light blue, and even pastel rainbow hues.

Once you have your starting point of a few different color combinations to consider, look through wedding inspiration that involves all of the colors in question.

Decide which looks you think would make the most sense for your venue, season, and theme, and you’re on your way!


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