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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Trending dress styles


Attire is one of the most important aspects of any wedding, from the guests to the wedding party and, of course, the ensemble of the bride(s) and or groom(s) to be. This particular day is a statement and a chance for the newlyweds to get creative with how they want the decor, overall vibe and aesthetic to feel and look. From mixed-match assortments to coordinated color patterns, there are many ways to spruce up the wedding party fashion, specifically bridesmaids’ dresses. In an interview with The Knot, Grace Lee, Founder and CEO of Birdy Grey, said, “What we’ve been seeing year after year is that there are fewer ‘rules’ around how to dress your bridal party. For modern weddings, variety will be the driving force behind brides maid looks. You can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true uniform look, but more brides are opting to mix between fabrics and hemlines and really having fun with the palette in lieu of a matchy-matchy vibe.”

Brides.com noted that a few trends seen in 2023 encompassed sustainability, elegant glam, airy silhouettes, velvet touches, and soft and subtle shades like nudes, pale grays, and greens. Particularly, airy silhouettes returned due to their effortless flow, flattering framing and princess-like symbolism.

However, those trends didn’t detour the bold statement colors from seeping through. Pops of color and garden party aesthetics such as florals, ruffles and lace were also trendy. Could it be the Bridgerton fever infecting all wedding fashions with historical fabrics?

There are lavish variants, but according to Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer of Halfpenny London, the modern style of different outfits in the same colorway is a very welcome change. She said to Brides.com, “We’re in an era of individuality when it comes to bridal party looks, and there are tons of style options to choose from when it comes to dressing for the big day. We’ve been moving away from the traditional look of bridesmaids wearing identical dresses, with matching hairstyles, makeup, shoes, and accessories.” Adding to her point, we are in a climate of body positivity and embracing authenticity. Not every dress style or color fits and looks the same on each body type. Brides becoming more aware and conscious of the comfortability of their wedding parties should be seen with eyes of optimism.

Just as diamonds never lose value, some timeless looks and pieces will survive an influx of new trends, and weather any decade. For starters, floral tones, patterns, and accents have been incredibly popular for the past decade. There is something delicate, intimate, and romantic about florals in all of their shapes, colors, and forms. Jessica Richards, a trend forecaster and Founder of JMR Trend + Creative, tells Marie Claire Magazine, “Florals are an evergreen (pardon the pun) expression of our desire each year to feel rejuvenated by the spring season; to reconnect with color, natural elements, and the possibility of hope and a new life.” In the same blog, Libby Page, Net-A-Porter’s Market Director, said florals are delicate, feminine, and wearable, and something about them keeps them mainstay year after year. Given that most wedding seasons begin in the spring and finish in the fall, the appeal to the psychological analogy that flowers correlate to rejuvenation, rebirth, and newness isn’t far-fetched.

Let’s talk about color schemes for a moment. The color scheme of the wedding sets the tone for what people can expect, and it should complement the environment and theme. For instance, if it’s a beach wedding, it may not be wise to select the color black for the wedding party. Black traps heat from the sun and are attracted to the sun; therefore, your wedding party could be sweating bullets by mid-ceremony. There are a plethora of colors to choose from, but Vogue insists any bridal party will love the following colors: champagne, navy, black, yellow, pale pink, black, cranberry, lilac, and blue-green.

As we look into 2024, there are some projections we can conclude for the trajectory of bridesmaids’ dress trends based on the past decade, recent fashion weeks, and insight from industry experts. The Knot’s forecast states that champagne and nude tones will continue to keep this generation in a chokehold, maintaining the status of popularity for years to come. On the contrary, Jessa Maddock, Founder, CEO, and Creative Designer of JessaKae, said, “Don’t count out color just yet. Barbiecore and Versace Pink took the world by storm this year, and I think that glorious hot pink is such a fun, celebratory color that’ll make its way to the wedding scene. And textured bridesmaid dresses are everything– fabrics like velvet, tulle, and organza bring another level of interest to each dress.” Vogue echoes Maddock’s perspective of velvet and anticipates that it will be one of the hottest trends this year. Additionally, variations of black dresses and “mixed-match” assortments are projected to take this year’s wedding season by storm. It’s uncertain if bold pops of color, ruffles, and sustainability will continue to pique the interest of brides-to-be. Still, there is a good chance some of these trends will remain steady for the next couple of years.


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