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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Shed Some Trendy Light


Warmth is king once again when it comes to lighting, Houzz says, including metal finishes and textures. Here are some trends the site spotted for 2024.

Switch Up the Shape

Light fixture shapes are continuing to evolve along with LEDs’ ability to seamlessly blend into the fixture itself. Ring chandeliers are a great example, with an interior loop of LED lights that disappear into the piece. The same trend was spotted in lantern shapes and banker’s lamps.

Statement Chains

Not just for necks anymore, statement chains are making a statement with lighting. Pieces are playing with scale, adding chunky links to sleek pendants and sconces in classic shapes and minimalist colors.

Matte White

It’s back again – matte white with the addition of organic textures. Look for matte white paired with natural earth tones and pops of glossy finishes to contrast.

Woven, Beaded and Natural Textures

Rattan is all over the place, as are woven grass, wood and other materials that give a room a natural feel. Wood beads are also starring in large-scale pieces that give warmth and texture to the space.

Other designers are pushing the bounds of natural materials with eggshell-like finishes and lighting shapes that evoke leaves, trees and other natural elements. Leather is even making an appearance.

Stone Goes Warm

Bye, cool Carrara, and hello to warm, earthy travertine. Stone is still having a moment, just look for it in warmer, comfortable colors and terracotta hues. Metal is also warmer, with gold and coppery tones leading the way in low-shine textures.

Flush Mount Comes Back

Where a designer previously would have asked for recessed or can lighting, they’re now increasingly going with a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture. Small fixtures, or even a grouping of them, can add warmth and interest.

Glass Reimagined

Glass is still around, too, but now in organic, textured forms with crackles, bubbles and seeds. These fixtures offer a softer, diffused light that evokes peace and comfort. Colored glass is having a moment, too, with metallic hues and iridescent shades adding richness to fixtures.

Adjustable Temperatures

Another innovation LED brings to the table is the ability to take a space from warm to cool with the flick of a switch. Tunable LEDs can adjust not just the brightness, but also the warmth, allowing users to toggle between cool and warm light depending on what they’re up to.


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