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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Progressive Fitness

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Camp Gladiator’s challenging workouts

Camp Gladiator (CG), founded in 2008, is now one of the fastestgrowing fitness companies in the United States. Camp Gladiator is much more than a fitness program – it’s a movement dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun and challenging outdoor group workouts led by trainers who inspire campers to discover their best selves.

Each week of camp progresses and builds on the previous week to work out in the most efficient way possible. While every workout is different, each week of the camp cycle has a specific focus. Week 1 is endurance, Week 2 is strength and agility, Week 3 is interval training, and Week 4 is peak week, where it all comes together. Week 5 is typically BOLD week and is only offered to current BOLD members. BOLD members are those participants who are on one of the membership options ($75 a month for a one-year membership).

CG offers unlimited fitness sessions at multiple, convenient locations with each session including a 60-minute, full-body workout that combines strength and cardio exercises designed to challenge campers of all fitness levels. In Shreveport-Bossier, CG has a team of 20 trainers and over 80 locations and times allowing for enough flexibility for anyone to attend. Class times range from 4:45 a.m., 9 a.m., 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and more. Free community workouts are offered every Saturday at 9 a.m. at Betty Virginia Park and 8 a.m. at BPCC. Each camper brings their own mat and dumbbells, but trainers are prepared with extras as well.

What differentiates CG from other workouts is its built-in community of like-minded individuals that provide a genuine sense of accountability and camaraderie – things not typically found in a day-to-day gym buddy. CG partner trainers are nationally accredited fitness instructors dedicated to delivering “60 minutes of amazing” to CG campers. They come from all walks of life with a passion for fitness and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Focus on Week 1: Endurance week focuses on muscular and cardiovascular. You will be working your whole body, and you will be moving for the duration of the one-hour class at a pace that can be sustained for you.

In subsequent issues, we will share more workout programs related to Camp Gladiator, maintaining fitness, mental focus and health.

Amy Maranto is a Camp Gladiator trainer and area director with 17 years of experience in fitness. She received her B.S. from BYU in fitness and wellness management and M.S. from LSUS in kinesiology. Maranto is a CPT and also certified in spin, zumba and water. She is also a certified physical education teacher and has taught at various schools in Caddo and Bossier.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Anyone interested in learning more about Camp Gladiator or trying out a camp, should visit https://www.facebook.com/cgshreveport/ or www.campgladiator.com or call (318)780-5641.


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