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Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021

New Digs for PioneerRX


130 employees will relocate to Pierremont Office Complex

Morris and Dickson began as one independent pharmacy in a Shreveport riverfront warehouse in 1841. As the business grew, it spun off new businesses, including PioneerRX, which launched in 2008 and provides software solutions to help independent pharmacies manage every aspect of their operations.

Now PioneerRX is on the move to better serve its customer base.

The company recently announced it would move out of the Morris and Dickson campus on Kay Lane and take over 26,000 square feet at Pierremont Office Complex. The move will consolidate the company’s Shreveport operations, including customer support, software development, accounting, information technology and some operations, said Paul Carrig, vice president of information technology.

“It was time to find a new home,” he said. “It’s a substantial move for the area. We are excited about it.

“When the build-out is complete, the new space will accommodate 130 employees,” Carrig said.

“It’s a more consolidated space,” he said. “In our current campus, we grew from a small, local company to a national company. We were distributed across multiple buildings. With this move, we are consolidating our staff and improving our communications.”

Carrig also pointed out that the move to central Shreveport will be a boost to employees as well.

“That’s one of our big wins — a more central location,” he said. “It gives our employees better access to some of the amenities in the area. There are lots of great restaurants and such right there.”

PioneerRX has grown into an awardwinning software platform with a national footprint. The company’s platform helps independent pharmacies manage every aspect of their business.

“It’s a niche market, but it’s very interesting,” Carrig said. “We help pharmacies with point of sale, clinical actions, supply, compliance, accounting and more. And Shreveport folks founded all of this.”

Recently, PioneerRX’s pharmacy software was named Flip the Pharmacy’s Technical Solutions Partner of the Year for the second consecutive year.

According to a news release, the award “recognizes a technology provider that supports Flip the Pharmacy’s initiative to transform pharmacy practice beyond filling prescriptions.”

The release said PioneerRX was selected based on its documentation system for clinical services and its ongoing support of pharmacies with innovative technology.

Flip the Pharmacy is a five-year pharmacy program that “aims to transform communitybased pharmacies away from point-in-time, prescription-level care processes through the use of hands-on coaching.”

PioneerRX is the only company be named the Partner of the Year in the program’s two-year history.

A 2021 survey of pharmacies found that PioneerRX was the most installed system among independent pharmacies and had the highest level of customer satisfaction. The survey also found that pharmacists who use the PioneerRX system were more likely to recommend it to others.

Carrig said PioneerRX provides independent pharmacies the support they need to fill their niche in the communities they serve.

“A pharmacy is vital to health care in the United States,” he said. “It helps serve a lot of sections of the community. You don’t realize how many independent pharmacies are out there. Independent pharmacies do more and have more of a relationship with their patients.”

He added that those relationships are essential with the coronavirus pandemic and other health issues facing the nation.

“A lot of community pharmacies are doing vaccinations for COVID, the flu and shingles, as well as being a source of information and helping patients with organizing medications.”

In addition to the Shreveport operation, PioneerRX has offices in the Dallas area.

Carrig said the renovations at Pierremont Office Park are progressing well and that the company expects to be relocated early in 2022.


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