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Monday, Oct. 9, 2017
The impressive structure sits in a footprint of 133 by 110 feet. It stands as a sort of gateway to the Common Street Viaduct and the on-ramps to I-20 and the suburbs beyond. In 1917 dollars, the final cost of construction was $186,477.28. Many of the building’s original furnishings are still in use, as well as many original fixtures.
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Monday, July 31, 2017
In case you wondered, there are probably as many definitions of geeks as there are geeks. A geek can be someone excessively enamored of a specialized subject or activity. (Think about French food aficionados.) They can be digital technology enthusiasts. Some people called eccentric or nonmainstream may end up with a geek handle.
Monday, May 22, 2017
San Francisco Travel described the event as a gathering of 100,000 “free-spirited adventurers” in the city’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to dance, sing, promote peace and wear flowers in their hair.
Monday, April 10, 2017
In 1947, 19 businessmen met in Bossier City to form the new Bossier Chamber of Commerce. The group, under the leadership of names like V. V. Whittington, A. R. Teague, O. A. Teekell and Harry B. Walker, met for the first time in September of that year and formally signed its articles of incorporation on Oct.
Monday, Jan. 16, 2017
Three thousand, four hundred, forty feet above sea level where the states of New Mexico and Texas meet, the Red River begins. It crosses part of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, then turns south and east across Louisiana before emptying into the Atchafalaya and Mississippi water system in West Feliciana Parish.
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Monday, Oct. 24, 2016
FOR the 110th time, the State Fair of Louisiana will open its gates on Oct. 27. Along with the traditional features, this year’s version of the fair will have many special things to see and do, according to President and General Manager Chris Giordano..
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Monday, Oct. 10, 2016
The ITC is the latest addition to the park, whose mission, according to CIC Executive Director Craig Spohn, is to “foster collaboration, accelerate technology transfer, and develop the necessary workforce to meet the growing cyber demands.” In order to do that, he said, the park has partnered with government, industry, research and academia.
Monday, Feb. 16, 2015

New facility aims to cater to unique shooters

After nine years of military service, Brad Simon returned to Shreveport in 2011 with a dream to create a place where shooting sports enthusiasts could practice.
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Monday, Feb. 16, 2015

Audience to witness serious emotions

The event involved the Wright Aeronautical Corporation plant in Lockland, Ohio. In 1943, a committee headed by Sen. Harry S. Truman investigated complaints of improper inspection practices which resulted in defective engines and parts being delivered to the government.

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