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Monday, May 9, 2016


New local franchise helps the Ark-La-Tex to shine


New local franchise helps the Ark-La-Tex to shine

Jorge and Nancy Negron of JNN Consulting Inc. opened their franchise of Fish Window Cleaning in October of 2015. They’ve been busy ever since. Covering all of Shreveport, Bossier, Haughton, Minden, Arcadia and Ruston, Fish Window Cleaning is willing to go the extra mile for their clients and their services.

Some of those offered services include residential and commercial options. “In our residential services, we focus on interior windows, exterior windows, chandeliers, mirrors, skylights, screens, gutters and more,” said Nancy Negron. “With our commercial services, we focus on interior and exterior windows, construction clean-up, mirrors and beyond.”

Fish Window Cleaning sets a high bar of standard and expectation for their customers to depend on. “We offer 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed,” said Negron. “We are known for superior customer service, reliability and for safety.”

“Our quality staff is uniformed, professional, licensed, trained, insured, bonded, reliable and extremely courteous,” said Negron. “Fish Window Cleaning is top notch because they’ve been in business 38 years.” and work hard to uphold and maintain that standard of expectation. “After much research, we decided that Fish Window Cleaning offered many of the qualities that we were looking for in owning our own business,” said Negron. “They have been in business since 1978 and started franchising in 1998. Now there are over 260 franchises all over the United States!” For Nancy, it’s a blessing to be in business with her family. “My favorite part of my job is being able to work with my husband and daughter,” said Negron.

Business is going well, but even so, the Negrons are looking forward to the future and are dreaming big. “In the next five or so years, we hope to have the top window cleaning business in this part of the country,” said Negron. “We would also love to have staff in place one day where we can travel and be absentee owners.”

The Negrons’ personal story toward owning their business is an interesting one – of perseverance, hope and new dreams. Having retired from her job with Edward Jones Investments in December of 2011 after 21 years, Nancy and her husband moved from Tyler, Texas, to Benton, La., as they wanted to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

The Negrons are proud to own a “My husband was working off shore and franchise with such a quality reputation, had been in the oil field business for 30 years,” said Negron. “But in April 2015 he was laid off from his job.”

While a blow, it didn’t stop the Negrons. If anything, it paved the way for their next adventure together and served as a blessing in disguise. “We had often talked about owning our own business, but never had the courage to make that big step,” said Negron. “We felt that we now had the opportunity and we would either sink or swim!” And Fish Window Cleaning has been swimming even since. “We’ve been very blessed to find some great people to work with us,” said Negron.

“Together we pledge to show up and get the job done right, giving our customers the service they need with the respect they deserve.”

To learn more about Fish Window Cleaning, visit www. fishwindowcleaning.com/3131

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